Works Great for Multiple Dogs

This is an additional collar to go with the original ivory collar and remote. This collar does not come with a remote so only purchase this item if you have already purchased the ivory collar and remote. This collar has Advanced RF Technology gives you a massive range of up to 800 yards and the ability to train 2 Dogs at the Same Time which is pretty cool. It seems to work really well and everything connects. This is great if you have more than one dog. It has a beautiful modern design so it will also be stylish for your dogs. There are two different modes automatic and manual. In manual mode you control the collars but in automatic it will basically shock, vibrate, or beep whenever it senses that your dog is barking. This is good to trains your dogs if they bark uncontrollably. These collars will fit dogs that are at least 15 lbs and a neck size of 7-27 inches. This package comes with one State of the Art Handset Transmitter, One Receiver, One Fully Adjustable Nylon Collar, One Test Light, One Recharging Unit, One USB Cable, One User Manual. It also has a one year warranty.

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