Topaz Bark Collar Q&A

Is this collar safe for toy breeds?

Absolutely! The Topaz Collar is one of the smallest dog bark collar in the market and it’s designed mainly for very small, toy breed dogs starting from 4-lbs. It only uses sonic and vibration for training and won’t in any way cause pain to your dog. We made this collar because it just isn’t right to put a one-size-fits all bark collar to extra small dogs. Thank you!

Are the prongs hard or soft?

The prongs are hard plastic. With round edges and the shortest ever to be used in a bark collar. Since this device is specially designed for toy breed dogs, we made sure that the prongs are safe and do not cause pressure wounds like the typical bark control devices. Thanks for asking!!!!

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

Will this shock my dog?

Nope!!! Mint Collar only uses beep and vibration for training. The vibrations are gentle yet very effective in curving your dog’s barking behavior. This collar is perfect for those who do not want to use static shock but needs a bark control device that’s effective and painless!

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

How long does the battery last?

It actually depends on how often the collar gets activated by your dog. Based on personal use, I only have to charge it once a week. My dog likes to bark to visitors coming over, unusual noises and crying babies. If your dog barks more, twice a week charging should be more than enough.

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

What’s the difference between Mint and Moonstone Collar?

The Mint Collar uses audible beep and vibration for training whilst the Moonstone Collar uses an inaudible sonic and vibration.. Both of these collars are made for extra small dogs and uses vibration for correction.

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

Where should be the collar located? Is it above, top or in the middle of my dog’s neck?

The bark control device should be placed in the middle of your dog’s neck. The two prongs should sit at either side of your dog’s voice box. The prongs should touch your dog’s skin as well.

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

Green light is continuously flashing, is this normal? What does it mean?

I’m glad you asked! Blinking Green Light means the collar is on stand-by mode. The reason is because the collar is not sensing any movement from your dog. Once your dog barks, the collar will get activated again and a solid green light should show beside the power button. The collar is programmed this way to save on battery charge. I hope this helps!

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

Can my dog use this without supervision? I need to use this on my dog while I’m at work. Is that possible?

Of course! This is an automatic bark collar and activates whenever your dog barks. This will work effectively even without your supervision. We however suggest to guide your dog during the first few days of training. It’s important that your dog understands why the collar beeps and vibrates. The most effective way to instill the program with your dog is to say NO firmly whenever he barks so he can associate the beeps and vibration to your NO’s.

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

What is the “S” button for?

Good Day! The S button is used to adjust sensitivity. The sensitivity setting plays an important role in maintaining the collar’s accuracy. It will tell how easily the collar gets activated. Setting the sensitivity level too high will trigger the device to activate unnecessarily and putting it too low may result with the collar not activating at all. Hence, it is very important to set the correct level of sensitivity before putting the collar in your dog. Changing the sensitivity level will not affect the strength of the vibration. Regardless of what level you’re currently in, the intensity of vibrations will still be the same.

Jenna – Our K9 Customer Service Manager

Can my dog swim with the collar on?

The Mint Collar is water-resistant. It’s fine for use in the shower or rains but not in the pool. A gentle reminder: Please make sure that the USB charging port is sealed of properly to avoid the water getting inside the collar. I hope this helps!

Do I have to purchase rechargeable batteries? Or is it already included in the package?

Good question! You don’t need to buy any more batteries with the Mint Collar. The device itself is rechargeable. The package already came with a USB Charging Cable that you can plug into any USB Outlet for the collar to charge. Charging time is approximately 4 hours and the charge lasts for as long as 1 week depending on how often the collar is being used or activated by your dog. We made this collar rechargeable because of the issues that non-rechargeable bark collars have (e.g. batteries are very hard to find and do not even last long). Please let me know if you need any more help with the product! We’re open 24/7!!! Have a great day!

Is the collar made of pure plastic or rubber?

Hi! The collar is made of a durable plastic material that passed several tests for durability and safety. The device itself is plastic including the rounded and safety prongs. The strap is made of nylon fabric. The small charging port covering at the bottom of the collar is made of rubber, it is used to avoid water getting inside the collar.

I got the collar so how do i get the instructions?

Hi, the manuals are sent through your email. There is also a USB Training Key included in our package and it will direct you to our website where you can access the manuals and other training books. You can also download the manual directly from: – just click the type of collar you have and you can access the manual from there.

What color do I use for a 8lb chihuahua mix?

You can get the Mint Collar! Works great for extra small dogs 🙂 Thank you!!!

I have two yorkies. do i need to buy two collars or can i switchi it back and forth. will it train them or will they always have to wear it?

We recommend using one collar for each dog. If you have two dogs at home, it will be better to train them at the same time so both of them will be corrected each time they bark. The collar will work with continued use and your dog might get confused if he only gets corrected half his barking time because you have to share the collar with the other dog..

Will the noise from there license tags set of signal

Hello. They vary in size and function. The Mint is for very small, toy breed dogs and the yellow is for small to medium sized dogs 6-lbs and up. The yellow collar is also made a little less sensitive as it is designed for active dogs. Thank you very much.

What is Sonic?

It is an inaudible high-pitched tone that your dog will catch easily as they are more sensitive to high-pitched sounds. The moonstone collar uses sonic and vibration. This will come in handy if you’ll be using the collar at night and do not want to be bothered by the beep of a regular collar..

Does the collar use vibration or shock?

Hello! The Yellow Collar only uses beep and vibration for training. This device is designed for small, sensitive dogs. Our K9 do not believe that all dogs should use just static shock for training. There are a lot of dogs who came from abusive environment and it is not right to give them more stress by using a shock collar. Our products are based on dog’s sizes, breeds and behavior. If you need help choosing a collar, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist you!

What is the difference between Moonstone, Topaz and Sapphire? They seem to have the same functionality?

Thank you for asking! The size of the collar is the same.. They however vary in terms of the strength of vibration. Topaz is 20% stronger than moonstone and Sapphire is 20% stronger than topaz and 40% stronger than moonstone. The Topaz collar is designed for small, sensitive dogs who learns easily.

I have a 3.5 pound miniature teacup Yorkie, he's very small but his bark isn't and it's non stop. Is this size to big? I don't want to hurt him?

Hello! This collar will fit your dog as this is designed for very small, toy breed dogs. The strap can be adjusted and even trimmed or cut down to fit the size of your dog’s neck. The collar only uses sonic and vibration and won’t cause any pain. It’s designed to only get your dog’s attention and not punish him for barking.. The collar gives warning tones first before even vibrating to make sure that your dog understands it’s purpose. It will help greatly if you’ll be present during the first few days of training so you can observe how he reacts to the product. Hope this helps..

Will a dog's snoring cause it to activate?

It has operational lights on it… No lights means the collar is asleep, (zero activity normally when your dog is asleep) flashing green light means the collar is on standby (movement, but little activity and snoring will put the collar on standby mode, but not trigger the collar) and green light means the collar is working (Dog is active and alert)… Hope That Helps

The collar is blinking green, what does this mean? It hasn't seemed to work since it started blinking green.

Hello, if the collar blinks green, it’s on stand by mode. Please put it on your dog and it will activate (steady green light) once the device senses that your dog is active and barks.

Do you put the device on your pets current collar?

No, this is an entire new collar. You also cannot put a leash on this collar as the device have to stay in the middle of your dog’s neck properly for it to work. We also suggest to use a harness if you’ll be using a leash instead of adding another collar on your dog’s neck. I hope it helps

Does the collar work if the barking occurs just once every few seconds? My dog has separation anxiety and he will let out just one bark every 2 secs.

Hello! I’m glad you asked! The collar is programmed to only release sonic on the first bark then if within 40 seconds your dog lets out another bark, it will release sonic blast for the 2nd time. Then collar will register a sonic and vibrate on the third bark if it again occurs within 40 seconds.. and so on. The device will register a total of 5 vibrations if your dog is continuously barking and the time interval is less than 40 seconds. The collar will then reset for 1 minute to give your dog a chance to calm himself down.. Then the cycle begins again. If in case your dog barks once and stops after the beep and keeps quiet for more than 40 seconds, the cycle will be reset automatically. Hope this helps