Red Bark Collar Q&A

Can your shock collars burn my dog?

No! OUR SHOCK COLLARS DO NOT BURN…… There is simply not the energy or power within the tiny little battery to do that… To Burn something you need to generate a lot of heat our collars have several safety features built in that prevent anything like that happening… (more on that in a bit)
The Horrendous pictures that you see posted on the internet are Images of Necrosis and NOT Burns…. Where Stupid Owners have simply not bothered to read the instructions provided or watch the videos provided, but simply just strap the collar around their dogs neck and leave it…. Where the collar is too tight it puts pressure on the skin and cuts of the blood supply under the skin and because the collar does not get removed in time the skin dies and produces these dreadful wounds… (Exactly the same as bed sores, continued pressure in the same area…).
Now more on the safety features of our collars… When your dogs barks The collar will run through 7 cycles (5 tiny .5 secs shocks) and then go into safety mode for 1 minute, It will do this a further 2 times and then shut the collar down completely…. So if a dog was to get “Freaked Out” by the collar, the maximum number of corrections that it would ever receive would be 15 in a 4 and a half minute period. So you can see there is no possible way that our collars could generate any heat let alone enough to burn….
To give you an idea how much heat it needs to burn, there is an electric execution in the film The Green Mile. They were using in excess of 2,000 volts of electricity sustained for 2 minutes…. Our battery is 3.6 volts and we do half a second…

Will this fit and work on my dog?

The ALL NEW RED BARK COLLAR is recommended for Small to Medium-Sized Terriers. The straps can be cut or trimmed down to fit the size of your dog’s neck. It uses beep and static shock for correction. We made a program that’s designed to stop excessive barking without punishing your dog with every bark (The device will only beep for the first two barks and if your dog behaves instantly, he won’t even get to the shock correction part.) HUMANE AND EFFECTIVE EVEN WITH THE MOST STUBBORN DOGS.

Where can I download or view the manual online?

It’s available on our website:
Just type in your name, email address and dog breed for you to be able to access the manuals online. View them online conveniently anytime or download it for offline use. It’s completely up to you!!!
Hope that helped you…

Collar suddenly stopped beeping and shocking after a few hours

Four Easy Things to Check:
-Like most devices nowadays, the collar won’t function normally if the battery does not have enough charge. Kindly charge the collar for approximately 4 hours before using it again.
*Test the collar:
-After charging, puff a small amount of air at the back of the device and see if the collar will activate. To make it easier for you, we actually made a video on how it’s done!
sound and static shock test
*Check the collar’s fit:
-Since the device works off air pressure, it’s a must that the collar fits snugly around your dog’s neck, letting only one finger to comfortably slide under the strap.
Strap is too long?
No problem! You can trim it down to fit the size of your dog’s neck. Click the link below for a very short, tutorial video on how it’s done:
Trimming bark collar to size
*Check the sensitivity setting:
-The sensitivity setting plays an important role in maintaining the collar’s accuracy. It will tell how easily the collar gets activated. Setting the sensitivity level too high will trigger the device to activate unnecessarily and putting it too low may result with the collar not activating at all. Hence, it is very important to set the correct level of sensitivity before putting the collar on your dog.
Hope that Helps, You can also contact us directly at Thank You

Hi. Is the collar water resistant or water proof?

The Collar is water resistant. It’s okay to use it in the rain and during showers, but not in the pool. Please be careful before submerging the device in the water, And always make sure that the USB charging port is sealed correctly after charging to avoid the water getting inside the collar. Hope that Helps! Thanks for Now.

Will this still work even if I have two or more dogs at home?

Absolutely! The good thing about Our K9 Bark Collar is that they work off air pressure. Meaning that whenever your dog barks, his throat will push a small amount of air at the back of the device, making the collar beep and vibrate, so the collar can only be activated by the dog wearing it. Thanks for Asking

Can the collar also be used to get my dog do what I ask?

An automatic bark collar can only be used to minimize or stop excessive barking. They activate automatically whenever your dog barks and hence won’t in any way work as a training collar.

Hi. How can I tell if the collar needs charging and how long should I charge it?

The collar will flash a red light if it needs charging. If this happens, kindly charge the collar for approximately 4 hours. You will see all three red lights flashing one by one and that indicates the device is charging properly.

Can my dog use the collar everyday 24/7?

Our K9 Bark Collars have the shortest, most rounded and skin-friendly prongs there is so the collar is safe to use for a maximum of 23 hours in every 24 hour period. However, we recommend that the collar be used only when necessary and it is very important to clean the collar everyday and check your dog’s neck for rash (in case your dog’s skin is too sensitive)

How can i turn this collar off?

Just hold down the power button (That’s the one with the broken circle) down for 3 seconds and the collar will beep twice to say it is off. To turn it back on, hold the button down for 2 seconds and the collar will beep once to say that it is on. We also have a video now to show you how to turn the collar on and off.

The package came with a little transparent plastic device that fits the prongs. What does it do?

It is a testing light. Whenever you test the collar for static, just insert the prongs inside the plastic and it will light up telling you that the static shock works. We made a video on how to test the collar properly. The link will be included in the manual..

Will the collar work on growls and whines?

No. The collar can only be activated by a dog’s bark. The reason is because the collar is air-activated, as your dog barks, small amount of air gets pushed at the back of the device triggering it to get activated. A growl or whine no matter how strong it is, won’t be enough to produce the same amount of air pressure a bark can do.

What does the sensitivity setting do? Does it make the vibrations or static stronger?

The sensitivity setting plays an important role in maintaining the collar’s accuracy. It will tell how easily the collar gets activated. Setting the sensitivity level too high will trigger the device to activate unnecessarily and putting it too low may result with the collar not activating at all. Hence, it is very important to set the correct level of sensitivity before putting the collar in your dog. Changing the sensitivity level will not affect the strength of vibrations or shock. Regardless of what level you’re currently in, the intensity of vibration and shock will still be the same. You must Change the Level of Shock using the Correction Level Button (The button with the Lightning bolt on it) You can adjust the shock from Zero (i.e. turning off the shock) up to seven… The shock level at one is very mild and the shock level at seven it intense. ALWAYS start of your training at ONE, if your dog fails to react to the stimulus then adjust to TWO and monitor… Keep adjusting the collar until your dog reacts and stops the barking, this will ensure that you are giving the minimum amount of correction possible for your dog.

Is there a red collar for xs dogs?

Hi, this collar is very small and should fit even a very small dog.. This collar is made specially for terriers and bulldog type dogs. Please send us an email at if you need further assistance. Thank you!

My dog wieght is 8pd

At Our K9 we do not grade our bark collars on JUST weight of dog… We grade the collars on BOTH weight and Temperament… Normally, your dogs breed is a good start for temperament, although there are some dogs that break all the rules…. This Collar has Adjustable shock from zero to 7, so the zero is obviously off and the 1 is a very light tingling sensation. and there is also the Beep or Ultrasonic as well. Size wise all our small collars will fit a 2 – 3lb dog they are the smallest collars on Amazon by far. If you do want more help choosing just email me at

Can the shock function be turned off while maintaining tone and vibration?

There is No Vibration on this Collar. The choices on this collar are Beep Only, Beep and Adjustable Shock, Ultrasonic Only and Ultrasonic with Adjustable Shock. Our Teal Collar Is the Next Model up from this one, and it has Beep Only / Ultrasonic Only / Beep and Adjustabel Vibration / Beep and Adjustable Shock / Ultrasonic and Adjustable Vibration / Ultrasonic and Adjustable Shock…

Will this collar be set off by dog shaking their head or jumping? My current collar does not activate for barks but does for head shaking and barking

The collar is activated by air pressure and will only activate if your dog barks. However, if your dog jumps or shakes his head and the collar is not properly fitted on your dog’s neck or the sensitivity setting is not adjusted properly, it may trigger false alert. The collar will just beep and won’t shock your dog. This device is programmed to only beep during the first two barks and will not shock your dog unless he or she continued to bark. Same will happen on false triggers. This can be avoided though by making sure that you have the collar properly fitted on your dog’s neck (please follow the instructions in the manual) and the sensitivity setting is adjusted correctly.

Is this red collar the new-release model - if not, what new features have been added that this red one doesn't have?

Hello! If the collar blinks a constant red light, it means that it needs to be charged. Kindly charge the collar approximately 4 hours or until all the lights are turned off indicating that it’s already fully charged.
If you’re getting three red lights beside the S button, it means that the device is set to the highest sensitivity level which is 7. The sensitivity setting tells how easy the collar activates and will not affect the strength of beep or vibration.
Please feel free to send us an email if you need further assistance

How does the tester work? How do I use it? I've tried everything and the light on the tester doesn't light up, but the collar beeps.

Hi, the collar works off air pressure and only works on barking. A whine will not product much air movement between your dog’s throat and the device to get it activated. The yellow collar is designed to only stop excessive barking and cannot be used in other training method. Thank you.

Can I use this on my 5lb 5month old Maltese? What one is recommended for her

NO. NO. NO. Please do not use this collar on a 5 month old puppy…..This collar has been designed for small Stubborn dogs, like Staffies or Jack Russel’s, I know a Maltese can be a handful but this collar is way to strong, please try my yellow collar it uses gentle vibration which can be just as effective when used in conjunction with the training that is recommended…