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Wifi Automatic Pet Feeder Plus...

Not Your Average Pet Feeder, it’s a plus!

Feed and Talk to your dog, even if you are not around.
Leaving a dog alone at home is stressful. You keep on
wondering what it is up to while you are away. You ask yourself, does my dog
miss me when I am away? Well of course it does. Enough about the matters of the
heart, it about matters of the tummy for your dog when you are away.
The Product we have for you is nothing ordinary. It is a
result of continuous struggle and surveys—our team surveyed 600 dog owners
before coming up with the product. Gosh, where to start! The Wi-Fi Automatic
Pet Feeder Plus has it all.
You can talk to your pet through the microphone; keep an eye
on them through the 1080p built-in camera. It has a treat tray that pops open
when it’s feeding time—
So you are stuck at work… again… an puppy needs feeding,
simply dial up your Pet Feeder Plus call over your dog, see your dog, tell your
dogs your excuses why your not there and then feed them…
Hey Mum & Dad aren’t home but I still get Feed on Time, How cool are my parents…
The food tray can be removed and washed with ease. A battery
that is rechargeable—And the App that is available for a variety of devices.

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