Looking For a Dog Toy That Will Keep Your Dog Busy - WickedBone

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WickedBone An interactive – bone shaped – toy for your dog.

The best way to have fun with your dog is with toys. You can see the shine in their eyes when they look at a toy they love. But since toys have become overly dull, we thought it was about time we look for something genuinely interactive and unique – that’s when we stumbled upon wickedbone.

This dog toy is not like your other toys. With the ability to link with your mobile device, the Wickedbone helps you control it without even touching it! You can also get the guideline of using the product on the mobile app.

The Wickedbone offers two features: Interactive and drive. The interactive element is based on emotions, and the device works according to the selected option. Whereas the drive motion is the movement of the toy and it can also be controlled with a joystick.

The wheels and body of the toy are made from FDA approved food-grade polycarbonate which protects your dog’s teeth and claws. The wheels can be removed and cleaned since they can operate on every surface.

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