Make Grooming Time More Enjoyable - The Stick-able Licking Pad

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A Stick-able Licking Pad that begs for attention

Making your dog look good is the best feeling. But what do you do about the dogs that don’t let your groom themselves easily? If it’s like a hot pursuit every time you want to give your dog a bath or a comb, then you need to use an ingenious method to keep it occupied while you do your thing.

The best solution to this problem is the use of Stick-able Licking Pad. With the ability to adhere to any desired surface, the sticky pad keeps your dog occupied for a while. Its internal design is crafted in a way that makes that licking process slow and nutritious for your dog. 

Add peanut butter to it, stick it to the wall and let your dog droll all over it. Plus, the pad is freezable and can be staked in the fridge without needing to be hanged. 

Add value in your dog’s life through full grooming sessions by keeping it distracted while you are at it.
product size: 6.5" x 5.9" inch

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