Use This Snuffling Mat & Extend Your Dogs Enjoyment Eating Treats

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A slowing feeding Snuffling Mat that makes your dog snuffle

in the quest for food.

Dogs that are fed from bowls are normally bored, and nearly always get overweight. More problems pile up as fast eating causes tummy aches, diarrhea, and vomiting. Plus, where’s the fun in eating when you don’t have to look for food? 

The Wooly Licious Snuffle Mat offers a solution to all the problems as it not only makes eating fun, but also helps you manage your dog’s eating habits. By slow feeding your dog, the mat promotes natural foraging and scavenging instinct and offers more enrichment. 

Specially designed to hide food, the super-soft, double stitched mat satisfies the mind and the body. And the best part, It is easy to wash and can be used for a dog of any size.

Order one now and make eating fun for your dog—by offering them a mental stimulus that will change their eating habits forever.

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