Fast Eating is Bad For Your Dog! Use This Slow Feed Dog Bowl Today

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Make your dog eat slowly with this interactive Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Does your dog get impatient when it sees its food bowl being prepared? Are you worried that it might end up choking itself because of the speed it eats? Did you know that small dogs that eat fast tend to gain weight and face gastric difficulties as they age?
To pose a solution, Our K9 has designed an interactive slow feeding bowl that is specially crafted for small dogs. Shaped like a high-end feeding bowl, the product comes with a rotating bone located at the center with prevents the dog from eating fast.
By making your dog work around the rotating bone to get to the food, you get to make sure that the eating habits of your dog are looked into. 
Order now if you don’t want to compromise on your dog’s health and keep its eating in check with the Slow Feed Bowl.

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