Our K9 Royal Bark Collar for Small Dogs
This little Terrier is Playing with a Hose While Wearing His Royal Water Resistant Anti Bark Collar for Small Dogs
Getting a Good Nights Sleep is Important To All of Us, A Our K9 Bark Collar Will Keep The Nosiest Dogs Quiet All Night
Some Little Yappy Dog May Need to Wear Their Bark Collars When Out  On Walks To Improve Their Behavior.
This Our K9 Royal Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs is Being Charged Up Ready for Use...
When We Say Our Collars Fit Small Dogs We Mean it... This is Bella just 2lbs of Tiny T Cup Chihuahua Wearing The Royal Vibration Bark Collar
The Our K9 Royal Vibrating Bark Collar Can Be Used Around other Dogs as They Will Not Trigger The Collar Only The Dog Wearing The Collar Will
Alfi The Chihuahua Sporting the Our K9 Royal Bark Collar for Small Dogs


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Toy - Small Dog
2lbs - 30lb  -   1kg - 13kg
Audible Beep & Vibration
Unit Weight: 26 grams or 0.9 oz
Size 1.9” x 1.2” x 1.0” -  4.8cm x 3cm x 2.5cm
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
2 Year Replacement Warranty