Does Your Dog Constantly Have Dirty Paws? Use This Auto Paw Washer

A Small Dog Paw Washer with sophisticated technology.

When was the last time you had your little dogs paws cleaned? Did it take an awkward visit to the vet, or did you have to chase your dog around the house to clean them yourself with a scrubber? Thanks to the hard work of our design team, we present the newest Automatic paw cleaner to make the entire process hassle-free.
Unlike other Paw Cleaners where you had to manually twist the cleaner whilst lifting it off the ground, simultaneously pushing your dog’s paw into the cleaner, the whole thing is farcical…
Now you can clean the paws by following the four simple steps. Fill water in the cleaner, Place the cleaner on the ground and insert paw, squeeze the handle, and be amazed at the efficient working of the Automatic Small Dog Paw Cleaner.
The centrifugal washing action makes water circle in and around the paw and makes it clean from inside out. And the cleaning after use is as simple as it gets. Just unscrew the top and take out the brush for thorough cleaning.
You will never have to worry about cleaning the floor again!
Please Note… This is for Small Dogs Only…
Once you use this product, you will ask yourself how you were living without it.

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