Our K9 'IVORY' Advanced Remote Dog Training Collar - Sound / Vibration / Shock - Rechargeable - Waterproof - 800 yard - AUTO BARK COLLAR FEATURE

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Advanced Remote Large Dog Training Collar

  • ★ State of the Art Multi-Function Remote Training Collar. With Advanced RF Technology gives you a massive range of up to 800 yards. Ability to Train 2 Dogs at the Same Time. A second Collar is Required and is Available Through our Store (Charcoal Collar)
  • ★ Beautiful Modern Design (unlike the 1940’s war movie designed competitors) This makes it a Very User Friendly and Extremely Safe for your Dog. Both Handset and Collar are Waterproof and Rechargeable. The Collar is both FCC and CE certified for your safety and the safety of your dog
  • ★ Manual Mode or Automatic Mode, You Choose… Manual Mode works with Handset you get to choose Between Sound, Vibration and Shock. You also Choose the Level of Correction that is Best Suited for Your Dog. Automatic Mode is works as a Bark Control Collar in Either Vibration Collar Mode or Shock Collar Mode
  • ★ The Handset is the Same Size as the IPhone 4, it has a Back light for Easy Operation at Night, and a Power Saving System Built in. Fast and East to Recharge and No Wasted Disposable Batteries. Fits All Dogs From 15lbs with Neck Size 7 – 27 Inches
  • ★ Package Includes the Following- One State of the Art Handset Transmitter, One Receiver, One Fully Adjustable Nylon Collar, One Test Light, One Recharging Unit, One USB Cable, One User Manual. One Year Replacement Warranty: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE

Top Customer Reviews

bark collar

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

I've owned this collar for about 8 months now, ever since my lab mix was a tiny pup. I was hesitant about buying such a cheap unit, when there are obviously much more expensive ones out there. I can honestly say this has been the best investment for my dog! She is very obedient now, and rarely do I have to shock her. All it takes now is the beep or the vibration to correct her. The battery life is excellent, range is excellent!

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

I have year old bull terrier. Past 2 months the life in the house was "kind of difficult " with my "puch ". For people who know that bread they know what I'm talkin about. It's a very demanding dog with huge character. I purchased few months ago a cheeper version of training collar - broke after 3 months. I decided to give a try to this product ... and miracle happen !!! We have a family dog right now , dog stopped barking and being crazy all the time . I use the shock mode only twice !! The beeping mode it's perfectly fine ..Viberate very rarely. Thanks for bringing my dog back to the family!!! Miracles happen before Christmas 😉

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

This colar is amazing. I bought it for my girlfriends dog that is about 50lbs. Before the collard you could be on the phone talking because she would start barking, in the middle of the night, when I hug her. In automatic mode stopped her barking 98% of the time. When she barks now, we figure it really needs attention. Now the most amazing feature is the buzzer. When we call her and she does not listen or hear us, we just press the speaker button and she bolts back to the house. Overall she is a new dog, learned very quickly. After just a couple days we hardly ever have to use the remote. I wish it had a smaller version that can be used to train a cat as well.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Wow, this collar is pretty great. I used it on my 80 lb Boxer. He has never used any stimulating collar before so we started with the sound and vibration. It has worked amazing. I think he is a bit freaked out when I give him his warning. I have it set a low setting because I feel he will respond well to it, being he has done well with the vibration. I love that you can use it manual or in automatic, makes it very convenient.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

I have a Black Lab and while I do have a fenced in yard, she still doesn’t care to listen when it is time to come in or if someone is around. That is quite frustrating as I do have a garden that she loves to wonder in and start digging. So I decided to give this training collar a try. This set comes with the collar with receiver, shock tester, handset and USB cable and charger. I tested the shock setting with the provided shock tester prior to placing the unit on my dog. I let her out to give it a test. As usual she proceeded to do her own thing and ignored me when I called her. I then provided the audible signal along with vibration which caught her attention right away but she remained where she was. I called her again and used the same method to which she came running towards the house. I guess she figured it out then. This also came in handy when she was barking and barking at nothing. She responded right away. I have never used the shock on her and I will continue to use the sound and vibration options and save the shock only for emergency. This is a great training tool and I recommend this to anyone who has trouble with a misbehaving canine!

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Perfect training tool! Both my dogs behavior improves just by having the collars on. The remote works up to 800 yards (on a full charge) and I love that I can use three different modes of correction. I very rarely have to ever use the shock feature. This collar works amazingly when out for leashed walks to correct behavior like barking, lunging, or pulling. at home we are using it to keep the pups out of the kitchen and correct other unnecessary behavior. I like that the second collar (ordered separately) comes in a different color making keeping track of who's collar is whom's very easy. I will keep using this training device for a long time.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

This is a great product! I have two Jack Russell terriers who are very territorial and bark at anything that walks, flys, bikes by my house. I have used other bark collars before but none with a remote. It is so much easier to train my dogs with a remote. I really love that you can change the settings and levels of shock/vibration/sound. My dogs don't really need the shock so it's great that I can just press vibrate and say no to deter them from barking. The best thing about this product is that it doesn't use batteries!! I just plug it in to charge and I don't have to worry about buying batteries when they go dead. It's awesome! #OurK9IvoryRemoteTrainingCollar

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Best for medium to larger dogs, this collar is very effective. Remote control with multiple training settings including shock, vibration and sound. Re-charge both collar and remote via USB cable that you can plug in to included adapter or right in to your laptop. If you are looking for a quality dog training collar then this is the one for you.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

.Works very well If you're looking for a collar that does almost everything than this is it.
+ Well made - Very well made collar and remote control. Comes off pretty high quality which was nice.
+ Versatile - Can act as both a training collar and bark collar. So after you're done teaching your dog commands you can go ahead and start getting him/her to stop barking at every little sound.
+ Great shock levels - The lowest setting isn't too weak while the strongest setting is strong enough but not so much so that it would hurt your dog.
+ Nice strap - I normally ding these collars for having nylon straps since the majority of these shock collars make them incorrectly. But not this time! A nylon collar with a snap that is done correctly. I STILL think the "plastic" type bucket collars are better but this one comes really close to being just as good.
+ Range - Excellent range on this one, your dog will pretty much never be out of range for correction.

Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Little puppy breeds can be as cute as they can be irritating. Truly, it’s the irritating barking that won't stop - that is what truly matters to us talking. While some have turned to rapidly getting their pet needing to stuff it in a sack to stifle the woofing, there's a superior path at dodging all that anxiety. Simply investigate bark collar for small dogs and see what it can offer.

On the off chance that you have cash to save, you could look into a decent dog coach, and have your canine trained. In spite of endeavors by dog owners to expel their small dogs from bark-luring conditions, or to decrease the reasons for the barking, the most ideal approach to adequately stop all that barking disturbance is to get a bark collar. Getting one isn't that difficult.

All bark collar for small dogs are the same as those for moderate size to enormous measured ones in that they are all basically hold up and-pester gadgets. It's realized that woofing sustains itself - so it continues forever. Once a little canine gets into it, it's difficult to influence it to stop without some boost that bothers the puppy, occupies it enough to quit yelping. After some time, a predictable interference like can drive your puppy to abstain from woofing - else it will get the disturbance once more.

You can pick from three sorts of disturbance or interferences - static (utilizes a low volt stun), sound (makes utilization of tones too high for the human ear to hear), and splash (utilizes a shower of fluid went for the range around the pooch's nose). You pick one of these three and a model outfitted with one of these sorts. In the event that you don't care for the prospect of volts coursing through your little pooch's body, at that point by all methods pick the sound or shower sort puppy collars. A much prescribed contrasting option to the static sort of neckline is the citronella splash neckline.

When you pick this sort of bark collar for small dogs, you at that point need to ensure the model you need is prescribed or enhanced for little puppies; no doubt, you can peruse item page online deliberately or visit a canine supply shop. You additionally need to check if the collar’s hubs touch the skin of the throat of your pooch. Remember that the collar is triggered both by the sound of the bark and additionally the throat vibrations created by the bark itself. The collar could slip around or be blocked by hide - in either case the collar won't trigger reliably. This can bring about an inability to prepare your little canine viably.

Worrying over your noisy, relentlessly woofing little pooch is not going to change its conduct. The sooner you consider bark collar for small dogs, the sooner you can pick one that suits your pet. Keep in mind that bark collars have batteries, so you might need to ensure they're enough charged.