IQ Interactive Flower Slow Dispensing Feeding

  • Treat Dispenser Dog Toy was made of safe, non-toxic, durable materials within BPA FREE which Made with high strength engineering PVC plastics, environmental protection, tearing resistance, anti-aging and easy to wash. Suitable for small to medium dogs, like pug or corgi, dogs from 5 lbs to 45lbs and have all enjoyed this toy!
  • The Dog Puzzle Toy filled with your dog’s food and snacks will attract dog’s attention, encourage dog to play to get reward so as to decrease depression. Setting Treated Puzzles to keep your dog busy and challenged while teaching them problem-solving skills & redirecting destructive behaviors. And in day and day training, the puzzle will exercise and inspire dogs mind, improve mental health, and, develop IQ.
  • This Treat Puzzle Dog Toy can be used to feed your dog dry kibble for an engaging mealtime. And you can train your dog with order and posture. This treat training dog puzzle occupies anxious dogs and entertains them when they have become bored, also bring fun to you and your puppy for a great entertainment.
  • Seafirst Puppy Game Puzzle Toy is designed in a flower shape, with 18 treat compartments that hold food or snack and 9 slide pieces will not get lost and chew by dog. The whole is easy to clean with soap and water. Rubber anti-slide pads at the bottom, prevent the pet feed bowl from moving and tipping over.
  • Dogs can eat food by moving the lid with their mouth or paws. Slow down feeding to prevent overeating and help to digest.