Get This Invisible Dog fence Set Up and Working In Under One Hour.

Ensure your pet’s well-being by creating an Invisible Dog Fence.

Do you want to give your dog the freedom of roaming around and playing in an open playfield? Are you worried that it might go astray and leave the boundary of your yard? Or are your neighbors always complaining that your dog gets into their yard?
To assist you in these situations, Ourk9 introduces a Wireless Safety Fence system that helps you keep your dog in a restricted area.
The product works by creating a safe zone with the help of a transmitter—according to your discretion. A small receiver is tied to the dog’s collar, and the dog is allowed to roam free. If for some reason, your dog tries to leave the selected area, the transmitter sends in a minor shock to remind the dog that it’s breaching the boundary.
The chargeable and waterproof collar receivers allow you to be carefree knowing that your dog is under automated control with the Wireless safety fence.
You can order the product for two dogs and let the automated transmitter take care of the boundaries.

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