Relieve Your Dogs Boredom With This Interactive Food Dog Dispenser

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A slow feeder that requires your dog to put its game on with this Interactive Food Dog Dispenser

Dogs are a gift of nature. One can’t love them enough. They
require attention and the energetic ones want to play all the time. To help you
keep your dog busy, the Interactive Kibble Tumbler offers a unique yet
straightforward solution. 

A unique thing about the product is that your dog will have to shake it well for the food to come out. And that’s where we have installed a molar function in it so that your dog gets its teeth cleaned while looking for food. 

The food trickles down and comes out from the outlets provided on the sideways. Moreover, the carefully designed rubber material helps to avoid injuries. 

Make thing fun by feeding your dog slowly using the Interactive Kibble Tumbler as slow yet interactive eating is the best for your dog. 

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