This Interactive Dog Puzzle - Designed To Keep Your Dog Active

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Interactive dog puzzle IQ game which hides treats.

Lazy times now have a cure with the interactive treat IQ game. Behavioral and mental training of your dog is essential. It trains them towards thinking and taking smarter decisions if it needs to be. One way of doing this is with the interactive bone shape IQ puzzle which reveals treats.

Every time a dog solves a problem is getting a treat. This stimulates their thought process and keeps them occupied for a long time. If you find your dog to be energetic and surprise loving, then this is the best toy for it.

Once you have placed the treats, watch your dog slide the discs to open the holes and find the gift. Crafted with wood, the game is a 100 percent safe to use.

Order now and stimulate your dog’s mind through the bone shaped dog IQ puzzle.

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