Dog Shock Collar Beep or Ultrasonic & Adjustable Shock Levels "Garnet"
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Shock Bark Collar 'Garnet'
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Dog Shock Collar Beep or Ultrasonic & Adjustable Shock Levels "Garnet"

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 THE ONLY SAFE DOG SHOCK COLLAR! As proud dog owners of 7 dogs, we couldn’t find any effective bark collars that were made specifically for small dogs. So we went to work to create our very own innovative, no bark collar that would fit even small dogs. We can’t wait for you to love your dog even more without noisy and distracting barking throughout the day. You will love Our K9 Dog Shock Collars — Guaranteed!
  FINALLY GET THE SLEEP YOU’VE BEEN DREAMING OF… Being a dog owner has so many amazing perks, and very few drawbacks. But interrupted sleep from a barking and yappy dog, is one of those things that can make even the most saintly humans go bonkers. We are so happy to introduce you to the solution you’ve been waiting for— Our safe and effective K9 Anti-Bark Dog Collar. Now you can finally sleep in on the weekends!
 HUMANELY & GENTLY STOPS UNNECESSARY BARKING! Our collars have gentle rounded plastic prongs, not sharp and uncomfortable metal prongs. We also created our bark collars with 7 adjustable sensitivity levels to train your dog effectively. Plus, our intelligent anti-bark dog collars are the only collars with a safety, shut down procedure. If your dog panics and starts barking at the collar and won't stop barking after 3 cycles, our innovative bark collar will shut down and turn off.
  THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SMALL DOG OWNERS— If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving for years to come, then you have found a winner with Our K9 intelligent, no-bark dog collar! Our innovative dog collar will arrive to your door in a beautiful hard cardboard storage canister, and also includes our full User Manual, and Instructional Videos. Our bark collars fit dogs between 4 pounds up to 60 pounds. Plus, they are rainproof and comfortable for dogs to wear! #winning
  ENJOY OUR LIFETIME “NO BARK” COLLAR GUARANTEE! We love dogs, and wanted to create the most effective and harmless, no-bark dog collars to train dogs. We are proud of our creation, and safely use it on our own 7 dogs at home. We guarantee you will love our dog collar and the results, or your money-back. You can click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today with complete confidence, knowing you are getting the best bark collars for small dogs!