Superior Bark Collar for Small – Medium Sized Terrier / Bulldog Type Dogs– Rechargeable Bark Collar - 5lb to 75lb - No More Expensive Batteries - Garnet - Easy to Set Up & Use

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GARNET Bark Collar for Small

  • This Bark Collar is most appropriate for medium and medium sized puppies. The beep and ultrasonic shock issues a warning and security for coaching cues. Complete with a quality packaged usb charging amp and lead protector. Charge and proceed to use!
  • Our k9 brand which assist and guide you for the various degrees of sensitivity and correction. Guaranteed to reply each email enquiry within 24 hours. Willing to use and constructed collar for your furry friend!

  • This anti- bark collar allows your dog normal behaviour. The  2 barks  warning signs and 3 barks for correction.  This collar is rechargeable and has flexible static schock, cheap and durable material, 10lb - 60lb. Be at peace using this collar for your dog!

  • Our recently designed  retractable prong is much viable to use for your pooch. It works off air pressure, no sound and removable for cleaning and playing. Our most basic easy to use bark collar!

  • A best quality marked item at an extremely reasonable cost for 2 year boundless guarantee! Solely offers the right trainings and informations on the best way to be in charge of your pets. Profit and appreciate the hazard free charge click preparing digital book for 30 days!

bark collar

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bark collar
bark collar

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Our K9 Bark Collar has been a godsend! We were really struggling with training our German Shepard mix we got from the pound and this did the trick. When used as a training tactic it can be successful with retraining for the behavior you want and deterring the bad habits the dog may have gotten into. Good tool to have.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

I was impressed as to how well this item worked. It only took one time to get her attention then the warnings the device provides was enough for her to comply. Now I just show it and she behaves ... of course I am referring to our small 2 year old female mixed breed dog. Highly recommended for your dog especially if he / she refuses to listen or stop barking.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Super happy with these collars. I have three small dogs and they all bark at the wind! The sound these collars make are loud enough to get their attention and it gives them a good 20 seconds to correct their behavior before the vibration starts. It's perfect for our dogs. We used to get home and as soon as the car door shut the dogs would go crazy! Now we can walk into the house without a sound!

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

This is a great bark controller. I am finally getting to sleep at night time. I have a yapper, and I tried sonic controllers, then the citronella spray collar, and it neither one fazed him and the spray ran out of citronella fast, since he just ignored it. I have this set on the low setting, he is a little dog, and it has just enough jolt to startle him. I tried it on my arm, and it is very mild. It gives several warning sounds prior to actually giving a very mild jolt. Just remember, if you want good results, follow the instructions. It is very important that you do!

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

The collar works quite well and fits perfectly. The youtube videos are a great addition for buyers. I had to watch a few times to get the collar put together correctly. Dog's quiet as a mouse with the collar on.

Are Bark Collar Safe?

Barking among puppies has its good and bad times. On one hand, it can alarm the owner to the conceivable threats sneaking around the house and in addition impart positive feelings from the canine to its pet owner. Then again, it can be so irritating when done exorbitantly and improperly, for example, when the puppy begins barking at the moon since, well, it is there.

In light of that, numerous pet owners will utilize the electronic shock bark collars. These tool are primarily collars set around the canine's neck that will convey a slight electric stun following a specific number of seconds that the pooch won't quit barking. In many models, the electric stun is conveyed following 30 seconds of constant barking.

Are bark collars safe for dogs? Criticizers advocate that it is not while defenders say that it is for the accompanying reasons and we say that we are in favor of the last mentioned.

As already specified, the electric stun given to the canine when it begins barking exorbitantly is just of the mellow kind. The stun will just startle the puppy into ceasing its barking manner at present as opposed to killing the canine into total hush of its bark.

A shock from an uncovered family electric wire will be such a great amount of more noteworthy in intensity. Makers of the bark collars went to considerable lengths to guarantee that the pooch won't be shocked by the collar. The prongs are made to convey the stun once the sensors identify the barks from the pooch yet simply after a specific timeframe has passed.

The vibe of stun will offer inconvenience to the canine. Before long, the canine will figure out how to connect the barking conduct with the stun and, in this way, will have the capacity to control its barking manner.

Electronic shock bark collars likewise have a built-in safety measure that additionally fills in as a disciplinary instrument. This is the fluctuating degrees of electric stun gave to the canine at whatever point it begins to bark at unseemly circumstances or in an over the top way.

The principal stun conveyed will be the weakest just so the pooch will pay heed and quit woofing. In any case, if the pooch resumes barking for a specific number of seconds, a more grounded yet at the same time gentle electric stun will be conveyed. With appropriate preparing, the pooch can quit barking at the primary stun conveyed albeit other safety measures are likewise set up since the pet can have a legitimate purpose behind woofing relentless, say, a gatecrasher in the house.

The premier security measure in electric stun pooch collars is the two fitted mic in the collar itself. We generally recommend choosing the collar with two mics rather than one for a justifiable reason.

This is on account of the first microphone detects the vibration from the barking sound itself while the second microphone distinguishes the development from the puppy's vocal cords. The gentle electric stun will then be given just under the condition that the pooch is really barking rather than the collar detecting vibrations from the nearby area, for example, different canines barking close to your pet.