Not your average IQ Game - Flower Puzzle

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An interactive IQ game that keeps your dog busy and enhances its IQ nine folds!

Dogs are a curious creation of nature. At the same time, they are also intelligent and loving. For older dogs that are much more trained, solving puzzles within seconds is nothing new. These regular puzzles become boring for them, and they need more excitement from time-to-time.
The nine compartment IQ game is nothing ordinary. It is specially crafted to make your dog the best puzzle solver. The out ring of the game allows treats to be hidden in small compartments. These compartments can be reached out with the help of clockwise and anti-clockwise movement.
While the inner circle compartments can be reached by rotating the covers in any of the directions mentioned above. This means that the dog gets to decide which way it is going to turn the covers.
The toxic-free and safe IQ game has non slip mat bottom which prevents it from sliding while playing. Add the 9 Compartment IQ Game to the cart and enhance your dog’s IQ.

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