Dog Training Collars for Small Dogs - RECHARGEABLE and PAIN FREE - Extra Small to Small Dog - Light / Sound / Vibration / Sonic - Waterproof - Our K9 "EMERALD"

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EMERALD Dog Training Collars for Small Dogs

  • ★ State of the Art Multi-Function Remote Training Collar. With Advanced RF Technology gives you a massive range of up to 800 yards. Ability to Train 2 Dogs at the Same Time. A second Collar is Required Purchase the Amethyst Collar
  • ★ Beautiful Modern Design (unlike the 1940’s war movie designed competitors) This makes it a Very User Friendly and Extremely Safe for your Dog. Both Handset and Collar are Waterproof and Rechargeable. The Collar is both FCC and CE certified for your safety and the safety of your dog
  • ★ Emerald & Amerthyst Collars work with the Handset you get when your purchase the Emerald Collar. Different Training Methods you get to choose Between Beep, Sonic, and Vibration. You also Choose the Level of Correction that is Best Suited for Your Dog. There are 7 Levels in all correction modes. Each can be set independently.
  • ★ The Handset is the Same Size as the IPhone 4, it has a Back light for Easy Operation at Night, and a Power Saving System Built in. Fast and East to Recharge and No Wasted Disposable Batteries. Fits All Dogs From 4lbs - 50lbs
  • ★ Emerald Collar Package Includes the Following- One State of the Art Handset Transmitter, One Receiver, One Fully Adjustable Nylon Collar, One Recharging Unit, One USB Cable, One User Manual. Amethyst Collar Package Includes the Following- One Receiver, One Fully Adjustable Nylon Collar, One USB Cable, One User Manual.30 Days Money Buy Back. plus One Year Replacement Warranty: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE

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bark collar

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

I set it on vibrate 3 first and he was distracted enough to pause ut then continues so I increased the level to 6 and the next time he barked he was so distracted by his neck vibrating that he forgot why he was barking which is a major breakthrough for him after trying the stop spray cans, and the good old water pistol with absolutely no effect.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Easy to set up. Delivers consistent performance. Battery in both receiver and transmitter seem to last longer than 5 days before requiring charge. I suspect charging interval will vary depending on amount of active use.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Great transaction. I did not want to purchase a shock collar for the new dog that decided to join our family! He is medium size and always ran the wooded neighborhood doing what dogs on the run do! Instead of spending another couple of thousand dollars to increase the height of our fence

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Great training aid, works perfect.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

I have used other types of training collars before. I never shock my dog, she doesn't need that, she knows that the beep is equivalent to me saying no. I also suspect she doesn't like the beep. I really like that you can change the volume and the levels of vibrate for this collar. It also has a super long range. I also really like that the screen displays the battery charge so I know when it is close to running out.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Vibration is enough for my dog. Small collar and remote. Highly recommend..

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Great seller - very communicative. Product was very successful. Inhibited excessive barking without prohibiting protective nature.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

This collar worked really well. I tried it on myself first and it is only vibration; it's unpleasant but it doesn't hurt. I like that it's small and not one of those huge, more typical collars. Remote is small unlike others.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

We have used several different ones and have found that this one is working well on our dog. The non stop, uncesscessary barking get way out of control at times and this has come in handy with getting it under control.

bark collarBy Amazon Customer

Worked the way I needed it to. I'm sure all dogs respond differently to this type of action. Works great on my dog!

Dog Barking Collars

There's one final thing I wish to consult with you personally is that selecting that collar is dependent upon what sort of dog along with how irritating he is. If you're considering obtaining a Petsmart bark collar, then you're among the huge numbers of people who have difficulty by taking advantage of their dogs' barking and then do not understand what items to do. If you're still wondering which sort of bark collar is most suitable for your pet this may provide assist. If that is indeed, a dog bark collar is the best option for you. The stark reality is should you will need just a little dog bark collar there are lots of versions available that have super little lightweight receivers.

Collars aren't one-size-fits-all, which can be great, because whenever you're picking a collar, you need to take your pet into account. Rather than handling the actual issue, an operator may find it less challenging to just maintain the collar on their dog. A Petsmart bark collar may be the solution.

Don't forget bark collars aren't harmful to start with. They have been in existence for some time now and reviews are still very mixed on their own effectiveness. There are many distinct sorts of bark collars on the market A Citronella bark collar operates by spraying a little quantity of citronella into the puppy's nose the moment it barks. It is styled just like a normal dog collar.

Until that moment, the Petsmart bark collar isn't very likely to possess the company done for you anymore. Anti-bark collars aren't bad for pets. There are a couple anti-bark collars utilizing sound aversion to stop dog barking, by way of example the Ultrasonic Anti-bark Collar.

Bark collars can quit barking dogs quickly, readily and humanely. Though a bark collars may decrease barking, they won't reduce the strain that leads to a puppy to bark. A very good bark collar is a fantastic thing!

There are many kinds of collars available on the market. Quite a few anti-bark collars have its own benefits and drawbacks. Some little dog anti-bark collars have transmitters intended to use negative reinforcement for coaching.

Shock collars utilize alternating current. They're highly effective, though, just as with other types of bark collars. There are 3 main kinds of shock collars to take care of unique kinds of behaviours. Most shock collars have many correction levels.

Anyway, it is crucial that you know this kind of collars will not operate on small dog that isn't simple to hear. Most collars also guarantee it's possible that you just settle on a setting that is ideal for your dog, dependent on its temperament and stubbornness. They also enable you to choose a setting that's ideal for your dog, based on its character and stubbornness.

Dogs have various sorts of barks. They bark for various factors. The very first time the dog gets the correction he might respond in a manner that concerns owners. It is a no-thought, no-nonsense method to receive your dog to quit barking too. The most frequent method of controlling your dog's tumultuous barking is having a Petsmart bark collar.

With every one of these different types of barking there are quite a few approaches we could take to make sure the barking is for the most acceptable motive and we can avert dog barking as soon as the rationale is no more there. Dogs have an extremely sharp hearing. On average, they took 10-15 sessions to complete each phase. It ought not to serve as your dog's walking collar.