Get Your Gog to Use His Own Dog Toothbrush For Clean Teeth

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An Intriguing DIY Dog Tooth Brush—Just add toothpaste.

When was the last time you checked the oral hygiene of your dog?  Did you know that dogs get bacterial infections that can result in tooth decay? Ever wondered about the remedy? Yes, a visit to the vet might fix things up for you, but for how long will you depend on the vets to do the cleaning?
How cool would it be for your dog to clean its own teeth...
Introducing an interactive DIY Tooth Brush which encourages your dog into cleaning its own teeth. Now that’s something new. What do you need to do? You just add some toothpaste into the reservoir and voilà!
Made from eco-friendly natural rubber, the Tooth Brush offers flavor throughout its length. We know dogs are energetic when it comes to chewing so we have added stabilizing paw pads to make sure the brush stays where it’s meant for.
Say goodbye to loss of appetite, bad breath, and infection with the toothbrush of the future. One that’s groovier than what you would expect.

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