Got a Very Bored Dog? Get them this Dog IQ Puzzle, They'll Love It

An interactive Dog IQ Puzzle that includes two types of puzzles.

Dog IQ Puzzle are a great way to keep your dog looking for treats. If you have an intelligent dog Where is the fun in having a single type of a puzzle game? Games that integrate a specific puzzle type tend to be boring, and once your dog has it figured out, your dog will be bored with it….

To address this problem, the design team at Our k9 has offered a permanent solution to regular puzzle games with the Paw Shaped Interactive Puzzle.

Made from durable wood, this game uses two different puzzle types. The lower portion contains a circular puzzle while the finger area has to and fro sliding puzzles.

So whenever your dog is bored or has mastered puzzle type, the other one will still be posing a challenge and your dog will be all over it.

Add the Paw Shaped Interactive Game now and make your dog work for their treats.

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