Our K9 Black Shock Collar for Small Dogs
Banjo a Jack Russell with the Black Our K9 Bark Shock Collar for Small Dogs
Dog Playing in The Water While Wearing its Our K9 Water Resistant "Black" Shock Collar
Lady Sleeping Soundly As Her Little Dog is Wearing  a Our K9 Black Bark Collar.
Use a Laptop Computer to Charge Your Our K9 Black Shock Collar or an Adapter and Wall Socket.
Boomer Wearing the Black Shock Collar From Our K9... Adjustable Shock Collar with 7 Levels of Adjustment
One Dog Setting Off The Other Dogs Bark Collar? This Won't Happen With The Our K9 Black Shock Collar, Only the Dog With the Collar Can Set Off The Bark Collar


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Small Dog to Large Dog
8lbs - 150lb  -   3.5kg - 65kg
Audible Beep & Silent Ultrasonic
7 Levels Adjustable Static Shock
Unit Weight: 34 grams or 1.2 oz
Size 2.1” x 1.2” x 1.1” -  5.3cm x 3cm x 2.6cm
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
2 Year Replacement Warranty
A Shock Collar for dogs can come in all shapes and sizes, ours have been designed for small dogs, but can be used on much larger dogs. Our Shock Collars have not been designed to punish but more to persuade by giving just the correct amount of stimuli to say and mean No...
Our competitors Imported Shock Collar for dogs use just a single level of shock to punish the dog for barking, we feel that this is wrong and it should not punish the dog but simply remind them that barking when the collar is on is not permitted.
Our K9 Shock Collar for dogs have adjustable Shock Levels designed to meet the needs of ALL types of dogs. (Although we do not recommend use on timid or anxious dogs…) With seven levels of Shock, you can be sure of finding the correct level for your dog.
We also Use Two different types of warning before the shock is administered, a loud beep or Silent Ultrasonic, one will be far more effective than the other, so we do advise that you try both.