Sound & Shock

Do you have a dog barking problem? Do you want a quick and easy solution? You have no clue how to start training your dog not to bark excessively? Bark training for your dog that are less prone to anxiety can be done with the help of this Shock Collar with minimum fuss.
This device is best used for small terriers and bulldogs, right up to large dogs as well.
All you have to do is place the battery in the shock collar, adjust the sensitivity level to number 4. and let your dog wear it. When your dog barks they will receive 2 warnings and on the 3rd bark they will receive correction, its really that easy.
The Shock Collar will do all the work for you.
Available in black, red, and garnet colors. Two batteries of 6V are supplied with the initial offer, and you get to enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee.
Go tech savvy and order your Shock Collar Today

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