This Automated Dog Toy with Keep Your Dog Amused For Hours

Have a blast with your dog with this Automated Dog Toy

Now, who doesn’t like playing fetch with their dog? It is a fun activity that dogs and their owners enjoy.

The Tennis Ball Launcher is here to help you with keeping your little one occupied. With the option of choosing the distance according to your preference, this tennis ball launcher is ideal for your dog. You can change the range just by touching once, twice, or thrice.

And the power supply is substantial as it comes with an AC adapter to keep launching the tennis balls all the time.

Just plug in the adapter, turn the machine on, place the ball into the machine, the machine will launch the ball and watch your dog fetch it, drop it in the launcher and off they go again….

But. What if your dog doesn’t fetch the ball. Well, we have another machine that will teach your dog to pick up the ball and place it into the machine, and they get rewarded for doing so…

So get the Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser to teach them how to use this one….

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