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  • 🐶 7 levels of Sensitivity Adjustment. 8 Levels of Correction. on/off. Rechargeable.
  • 🐶 Smallest Bark Collar on Amazon. Safe Rounded Prongs on Vibration Collars.
  • 🐶 Unit Width 1.94 Height 1.19 Depth 0.98 inch. Collar Length 14 Inches.
  • 🐶 2018 Upgraded Model New Safety Protocols. Easy to Follow Training Videos.
  • 🐶 2 Year Guarantee and a 30 Days No questions asked Money Back Guarantee.
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Mint Bark Collar

This bark collar uses Beep & Vibration Collar excellent for the majority of Tiny – Small pet dogs EXCEPT for Bulldogs & Terriers.


Our K9 anti-bark collar provides you as well as your next-door neighbors a break from your pet’s extreme barking actions.

This pet dog training collar comes outfitted with Sound Beep that works as a caution after that carries out resonance as the modification that will carefully remedy their negative actions for barking at every little thing without creating discomfort, shock or injury.

7 SENSITIVITY LEVELS – Our no bark canine collars showcase 7 level of sensitivity degrees that trigger just when your canine begins barking.

On the very first & 2nd bark, a caution audio is set off. On the 3 bark modification is offered, on the 7th bark, the collar will certainly enter into standby setting for 1 min.

After the collar will certainly reactivate itself and also continuously check your canines barking practices.

2018 UPGRADED VERSION– Brand New Safety Protocols Built-In integrated with Safety.

IDEAL FOR BREEDS LISTED – From Chihuahuas to Bichon Frise, our mild anti-bark collar fits completely for all plaything and also additional lap dog dimensions.

It’s ideal for pet dogs varying from 3 to 30 extra pounds. It is not ideal for terriers as well as bulldogs, please see the listing for appropriate collars.

It makes a fantastic present for a person that has a tiny yappy pet dog. Surefire discomfort cost-free making use of simple audio and also mild resonance.

Over 40,000 Our-K9 Bark Collars currently offered on Amazon.


There’s no danger to you. If for any type of factor our item does not satisfy your present criteria, return it to us.

You could call us to assist you to utilize this anti-bark collar. We react to every e-mail within 24hrs.

We have 13 different bark collar designed for different size dogs and different types of temperaments. So if you have a small quite anxious dog or a large boisterous dog we have a collar designed particularly for you and your dog.



Our K9 LLC We currently manufacture 15 different types of Bark Collars and 6 Remote Training Collars. And that is all we sell, we don’t sell socks, or kitchen taps or fidget spinners, we manufacture and sell Bark collars and Training Collars..

Why so many you ask… Because of the huge variety of dogs, there are. Ask yourself this, can one bark collar really be suitable for something so small as say a Chihuahua and at the same time be used on a Rottweiler…

Or say a noisy Tiny Pom and a Jack Russell Terrier.

Using the Poms collar on the Jack Russell will be absolutely no deterrent they would just bark through the vibration, and the Jack Russells static shock collars would simply be far too powerful for a tiny little Pom.

Yet most sellers would like you to believe that their collars are suitable for dogs from 5lb to 120lbs. At Our K9 we know that is just plain stupid and cruel on the dogs…

So we manufacture collars that are suitable for Toy Breeds right up to Giant Breeds, Long Haired Dogs and Short Haired Dogs, Stubborn Seasoned Barkers to Gentle Well Mannered Noisy Softies,

Selling Totally Painless Bark Collars Which use Sound, Sonic, and Vibration, and we also sell Static Shock correction Collars for the more Obstinate Barkers…

We also manufacture a range of Remote Training Collars that are also suitable for very small dogs right up to the Giant Breeds.

Here to help and guide you every step of the way and we will always reply to emails within 24 hours regardless of the day.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    My toy size dog is only 4.5lb. It has been really hard to find a right bark control collar. Most of them are too big for my dog. My dog does not look like uncomfortable at all when she wares it. And she stopped barking instantly. She has been a stubborn barkers for 10 years.Highly recommended!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Have a chihuahua who was never yappy until he has our daughter 18 months ago than he became the most stereotypical chihuahua with non stop barking. He is four years old and this worked within 48 hours on him. He knows when he hears the first beep to stop. It’s amazing.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    This was such a great collar. I noticed an instant change in my dogs temperament. And she really only needed the first beep and hasn’t even gotten to the vibration for it to work on her. I have a super stubborn dog and this was a life changer.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    This product is wonderful! I don’t even have to put it around our doggie’s neck. If he is anywhere near it and barks, it makes noise, which stops him from barking right away. And the price is right!!! Thank you!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    I purchased 1 each for my 2 dogs. Immediate results. Nicely boxed; easy to follow instructions; batteries (& spare ones too) included; watched recommended youtube video. More than happy with purchase.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Very good, first day to have it on my 4.5lbs yorkie. Perfect fit, she is a stubborn one, the outdoor bark controller did not faze her. I put this on, she would bark couple times to test her dominance and stops. Took it off her this evening and not a peep! So fat its doing so well wo hurting/shocking her.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    I have a very small dog and this collar fits. The box itself is modest. I hate to use shock since she is so tiny and i like that it only uses vibration. . Collar is cute and small. . The prongs are super short and plastic so that it doesn’t hurt my dog. been using it for a couple of days now. ”

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    I used to own a bark collar that is huge and shocks my dog all the time. Now i found this small collar that use vibration. you gotta test the collar before using and i just have to blow some air at it will beep.. 2 beeps for 2 barks then on 3rd beep a vibration will follow. tried it on my neck and its painless and very effective to quiet my dog.. happy about this product

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