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Who are Our K9?

We are a 3 Person Team, Ably Assisted by 15 Product Testers and 6 Feline Friends....

To us a Dog Isn't Just a Pet, They are Our Family.

As the owners at Our K9, we adore dogs and are the proud parents of 15 beautiful dogs. Our dogs range in size from a tiny, Long Haired Chihuahua, up to our largest dog, a White Retriever cross Thai Ridgeback. You can imagine that having all of our dogs together created quite the mayhem and barking symphony. This was a big problem, especially where our neighbors were concerned. We needed a solution, and we needed one fast.

We searched the web and local pet stores for effective and humane anti-bark collars, that wouldn't hurt our babies. Unfortunately, we never found a solution we felt good about. And what’s worse, they never seemed to be the right size— especially for our very small dogs.

So we decided to create our own Bark Collars. Especially ones that would fit very small dogs. We are happy to announce that we created our dream, “no bark dog training collars” that we felt safe and comfortable putting on our own dogs without causing them harm. We can’t wait for you to experience the peaceful upgraded dog-owner life with our specialty bark collars! You’re going to love them!

If you need help choosing, please contact us at help@ourk9.com

All of our dogs know there is a time for barking and there are times when no barking is allowed. During the day none of the dogs wear collars they only go on at night when the slightest noise would set them all off barking, then the neighbor's dogs would start and all hell would break loose.

So when bedtime rolls around they all line up to have their collars put on...

The majority of our babies are other Peoples "Rejects" or are rescued off the streets or from puppy farms...

Bella (Rejected; Because she has breathing problems and fits, Both of which are improving every day) She wears a Mint collar beep and gentle vibration.

Bella is a Long Haired Chihuahua and weighs 5lb

a close up of a dog  Bella 2  Bella 2  Bella 3

Bert (Rejected: Why? he has hip dysplasia and hip joints do not work as they should... (Pomeranian) He wears a Yellow Collar again Beep and Vibration

Bert is a Pomeranian and weighs 8lb

a brown and white dog  Bert 2  bert 3  bert 4

Boomer (Chihuahua, a very sensitive little dog, another rescue, He was rejected because he had very bad Skin Problems and the owners couldn't afford the Vet Bills) We treat him with LOCAL Unpasteurised Honey. He wears a Topaz Ultrasonic and Vibration (This collar has not been charged in over a year, just putting the collar on is enough now)

Boomer is a Chihuahua and weighs 13lb

a close up of a dog  a small black dog  a dog sitting in the grass  a cat with its mouth open

Cee Cee (Shichon ex-caged breeding dog rescued and is doing amazingly well) Teal (Ultrasonic and Vibration) She's a very nervous rescue and had adapted to the collar within a few hours... It has made her a lot less skittish

Cee Cee is a Shichon and weighs 17lb

a dog looking at the camera  Cee Cee in the cage 1  Cee Cee in the cage 2  Cee Cee 4

Cozzie (Goldendoodle) He's another rescued seasoned street dog a constant barker but gentle dog. He also has an Ultrasonic Collar, Moonstone. Cozzie has to turn out to be the most loving dog you could hope for. He has what we call the 5-second bark, He doesn't bark like other dogs, he is just a single bark every 5 seconds and he can go on and on doing this...

Cosmo is a Goldendoodle and weighs 17lb

a close up of a dog  a dog hanging out of a window  Who are Our K9  a dog sitting on a plate

Billy (Foxy) Little Billy was thrown over our wall when she was a couple of weeks old... Very feisty little dog, always has a lot to say, and is a very vocal dog much like a husky, and if anyone else barks she starts without fail... She wears a Cherry collar and alternate between mild shock and vibration, if she works out that the collar is on vibration she will bark so we switch back to a very mild shock...

Billy is a Fox Terrier and weighs 17lb

a close up of a dog  Billy 1  Billy 2  Billy 3

Biscuit (Jack Russell) Was given to us because he had so many medical issues, and allergies, scratching and hair falling etc... We give him local unpasteurized honey every day and he is 100% better... But a Very Determined Barker and Constantly on Guard Duty, He wears the Purple Collar On Middle-Level Shock...

Biscuit is a Jack Russell and weighs 37lb

a brown and white dog looking at the camera  Biscuit 1  Biscuit 2  Biscuit 3

Budda Our incredibly lazy Bulldog, He was found in a tiny cage with 3 others, we took in two but unfortunately his little brother Bubba passed away, currently in the process of building a treadmill for Budda... He wears the Mauve Collar because he thinks his job is to wake the whole neighborhood up...

Buddu is an English Bulldog and weighs 83lb

a dog looking at the camera  Budda 2  Budda 3  Budda 4

Henretta, she once again is a long time street dog, she is a Thai Ridgeback. Unfortunately, she went blind and almost deaf and walked out onto the road and got hit by a car, the surgeons rebuilt her hips and now she is starting her recovery. We have started a blog about her, She is typically why we love and admire dogs so much.

Hennie is a Thai Ridgeback and weighs 23lb

a brown and white dog   a close up of a dog  a close up of a dog   a dog looking at the camera

Cutie Pie. We took her in because she was being given away to anyone who would take her, as Bulldogs are known to be used as Bait dogs took her in. Our first job was to unglue her ears, which is another warning sign... She is an absolute darling who only does Four things, Sleep Eat Play Cuddle...

Cutie is a British Bulldog and weighs 26lb

a brown and white dog looking at the camera  Cutie Pie 1  Cutie Pie 2  Cutie Pie 3

Cookie. He is a good reason why we should never ever visit friends with puppies that they are trying to re-home... Go there for a couple for beers and a BBQ and come home with another dog... Great little character, always getting himself into trouble and getting told off, especially by Biscuit

Cookie is a Jack Russell and weighs 13lb

a brown and white dog looking at the camera  Cookie 1  Cookie 2  Cookie 3

Jasmin, Ex street dog. Was found under a car, where she had crawled to lay down and die... She was covered in ticks, hundreds of them... She was refusing water and food, when her rescuers finally got her out they discovered that she was paralyzed in the back legs... She is now much better and running around with the other dogs, although will still not come near any humans...

Jasmin is a Thai Ridgeback and weighs 32lb

 a dog looking at the camera   a close up of a bowl  a close up of a bowl   a close up of food


Moonbeam, She came with the house, the previous owners knew we loved dogs so when they left, they took their Chihuahuas but left Moonbeam and Appo... Nice moving in present...  Moonbeam is the Alpha Female and she rules the pack with Appos blessing...

Moonbeam is a Thai Ridgeback and weighs 45lb

a dog looking at the camera  Moonbeam 1  Moonbeam 2  Moonbeam 3

Appo, is a Big Powerful Dog but with an extremely kind gentle nature. Always finds a way out of the garden even if it means just leaping over the fence... Goes for his walks sometimes on his own or he takes moonbeam with him...

Appo is a White Retriever cross Thai Ridgeback and weighs 77lb 

a dog looking at the camera  Appo 1  Appo 2  Appo 3


Bruiser, Is a very rare English Merle Bulldog, he was looking for a new home because his previous owner just moved home and left him behind.. Very sweet dog, very skittish and extremely powerful, loves to play but plays hard...

Bruiser English Merle Bulldog Weight 90lb



Our 6 Cats are Siam, Bing, Yummy, Frankie, Tommy, Aretha

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