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We May be Small but we are Perfectly Formed
Our Culture is really very simple, You Gotta Love Dogs, that's not like Dogs, You Gotta Luv-em with a Passion...
So if you are looking for a career that involves dogs everyday of your life, contact us... In our office we always have a minimum of 9 running around, testing products, dressing up, playing etc.
We are currently looking for professionals who can take our company to the next stratosphere and way beyond.
Are you or do you know an exceptional Social Media Manager that knows how to connect and grow a up and coming brand. The package that we are offering is very generous and you will get to work with dogs all day everyday.
a room with a large screen
We are also looking for a product developer who knows dogs...
How they think, act, play the whole lot.
You should be committed to improving the well-being of all dogs..
As a company we would love to be the market leaders in interactive play toys that keep dogs from getting bored.
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So if you or you know anyone that you think could fit into our small but perfectly formed team let us know.