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About Us

A Dog to Us Isn't Just a Pet, It is Part of Our Family

As the owners at Our K9 Dog Collars, we adore dogs and are the proud parents of 8 beautiful dogs.  Our dogs range in size from a tiny, T Cup Pom, up to our largest dog, an English Bulldog.  You can imagine that having all of our dogs together created quite the mayhem and barking symphony.  This was a big problem, especially where our neighbors were concerned.  We needed a solution, and we needed one fast.

We searched the web and local pet stores for effective and humane anti-bark collars.  Unfortunately, we never found a solution we felt good about.  And what’s worse, they never seemed to be the right size— especially for our very small dogs.

 Bella wearing the Mint Vibration Bark collar for small dogs    Bert wearing the Yellow Vibration Bark Collar    Boomer wearing the Topaz Ultrasonic Bark Collar from Our K9    Billy the Little Foxy Wearing The Cherry Premium Bark Collar

          Bella                         Bert                       Boomer                       Billy

So we decided to create our own Bark Collars for Dogs— especially ones that would fit very small dogs.  We are happy to announce that we created our dream, “no bark dog training collars” that we felt safe and comfortable putting on our dogs without causing them harm.  We can’t wait for you to experience the peaceful upgraded dog-owner life with our specialty bark collars!  You’re going to love them!

Biscuit The Jack Russell wear the Red Shock Collar for Small Dogs     Cee Cee Wearing the Yellow Vibration Bark collar for Small Dogs     Cosmo wearing the Teal Premium Bark Collar for Small Dogs     Budda wearing the Mauve Shock Collar for Large Dogs

        Biscuit                   Cee Cee                    Cosmo                        Budda

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All of our dogs know there is a time for barking and there are times when no barking is allowed"During the day none of the dogs wear collars they only go on at night when the slightest noise would set them all off barking, then the neighbor's dogs would start and all hell would break loose.

So when bedtime rolls around they all line up to have their collars put on...

Bella (our t cup Pom that looks like a tiny Chihuahua more and more each day) gets a Mint collar (beep and gentle vibration)

Bert (Pomeranian) Yellow again Beep and Vibration

Boomer (Chihuahua, a very sensitive little dog, another rescue) Topaz Ultrasonic and Vibration (This collar has not been charged in over a year, just putting the collar on is enough now)

CC (Shunoddle) Teal (Ultrasonic and Vibration) She's a very nervous rescue and had adapted to the collar within a few hours... It has made her a lot less skittish

Cosmo (Bitsa) He's another rescued street dog a constant barker but gentle dog. He also has an Ultrasonic Collar, Moonstone.

Billy (Foxy) Little Billy was thrown over our wall when she was a couple of weeks old... Very feisty little dog, always has a lot to say, and if anyone else barks she starts without fail... She wears a Cherry collar and alternate between mild shock and vibration, if she works out that the collar is on vibration she will bark so we switch back to a very mild shock...

Biscuit (Jack Russel) Was given to us because he had so many medical issues, and allergies, scratching and hair falling etc... We give him local unpasteurized honey every day and he is 100% better... But a Very Determined Barker and Constantly on Guard Duty, He wears the Purple Collar On Middle-Level Shock...

Budda Our incredibly lazy Bulldog, He was found in a cage with 3 others, we took in two but unfortunately his little brother passed away, currently in the process of building a treadmill for Budda... He wears the Mauve Collar because he thinks his job is to wake the whole neighborhood up...


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