About Us

A Dog Is More Than a Friend  They’re Part of Your Family

As the owners at Our K9 Dog Collars, we adore dogs and are the proud parents of 7 beautiful dogs.  Our dogs range in size from a tiny, T Cup Pom, up to our largest dog, an English Bulldog.  You can imagine that having all of our dogs together created quite the mayhem and barking symphony.  This was a big problem, especially where our neighbors were concerned.  We needed a solution, and we needed one fast.

We searched the web and local pet stores for effective and humane anti-bark collars.  Unfortunately, we never found a solution we felt good about.  And what’s worse, they never seemed to be the right size— especially for our very small dogs.


             Bella                       Bert                        Boomer                    Billy

So we decided to create our own Bark Collars for Dogs— especially ones that would fit very small dogs.  We are happy to announce that we created our dream, “no bark dog training collars” that we felt safe and comfortable putting on our dogs without causing them harm.  We can’t wait for you to experience the peaceful upgraded dog-owner life with our specialty bark collars!  You’re going to love them!


                    Biscuit                       Cosmo                        Budda

If you need help choosing, please contact us at help@ourk9.com