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Our K9 Small Dog Bark Collar a Major Hit with Customers on Amazon

NEW YORK – September 26, 2017 – Our K9, maker of popular dog products, shared today that its new “Mint” extra small bark collar for small dogs is proving to be a major hit with customers on Amazon.com. Customers are expressing high levels of satisfaction in five-star review. The Mint is a fully automated collar which is rechargeable and painless. It utilizes safety prongs with sound and vibration, rather than electric shock, to provide training cues.

“We’re beyond thrilled at the positive response overall, the multiple five-star reviews and enthusiastic reviews,” said a spokesperson for Our K9. “It’s great business, of course, but we’re dog lovers, too, so it makes us that much happier to hear about small dogs getting trained without electric shocks.” Forty-eight percent of the product’s reviews on Amazon are five-star.

For example, one reviewer stated, “I purchased this because it seemed to be a good alternative to a shock collar …either we have the worlds SMARTEST dogs – or the collars REALLY, REALLY WORK!!!!! After about 1/2 day of wearing the collars – we had a visitor at the front door – which would usually set off about 10 minutes of barking – and the result – ABSOLUTE SILENCE!!!!! I could NOT believe it.”

The collar has been designed to allow a dog to bark but not too much. It is a sonic and vibration collar, not a shock collar, issuing a warning sound for the first two barks. It will issue a correction on the third bark. The collar uses dog-friendly rounded prongs rather than old “Pointy” style prongs. Rounded prongs are just as effective but kinder to the animal. The collar works with air pressure, but not sound, so other dogs barking will not set it off.

The Our K9 Mint comes with a USB charging lead and built-in amp protector. Users can employ any USB outlet to charge the collar. The collar features seven levels of sensitivity.  Dogs can sleep while wearing the collar. It is ready to use right out of the box.  Our K9 makes 17 different K9 collars, ranging from Toy (4 lbs.) to Giant Breeds (150+ lbs.) to ensure they are designed exactly right. The company offers guidance on training with their collars.

The collar comes with an exclusive 1 Year Un-Limited Warranty and a risk-free 30-day trial. Free shipping is available. Each order comes with three comprehensive dog training EBooks.

For more information, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AG6GGCI

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