Moonstone Bark Collar Q&A

Is this collar only uses vibration??

Hi there Frederick! The collar uses Sonic (warning tone) and vibration for training. This collar works best for small, mild-mannered dogs who needs just vibration to control barking behavior.. 🙂 It activates via air pressure and gives two warning tone before giving the actual vibration. This gives your dog a chance to bark but not excessively

How small can I adjust the strap on this collar? My dog has a very small neck and I want to make sure it will fit properly…

Hello Georgette! I have some good news for you!!! This collar can be adjusted as small as 2 inches! It’s designed to fit even the smallest, tiniest dog around.. I personally have a tiny chihuahua which weighs just around 3 to 4 lbs and the collar fits just right! We made a video showing exactly how to properly adjust, trim and seal the strap of this collar.. You’ll even see how small it can get. If you have any more question, just send us an email at I’d be happy to assist you!!! Thanks for asking!

What’s the difference between Mint and Moonstone Collar?

The Mint Collar uses audible beep and vibration for training whilst the Moonstone Collar uses an inaudible sonic and vibration.. Both of these collars are made for extra small dogs and uses vibration for correction.

I received a usb key… whats that about?

Hello, That is a Training WebKey… What you do is put it into a USB slot in either your computer or laptop and it will automatically open up the internet and take you to our Dog Training Resources page where you will find all the Training Manuals for our Collars and Free Dog Training Books and also The FREE Clicker Training E- book. There are also Lots of Training and Instructional videos teaching you how to use your collar correctly and to size it properly.

Can the collar get wet? We are going to the beach.

The Moonstone Collar is water-resistant. It’s fine for use in the shower or rains but not in the pool. A gentle reminder: Please make sure that the USB charging port is sealed of properly to avoid the water getting inside the collar. I hope this helps!

How can I tell if collar is fully charged?

Hi! The collar will flash a red light if it needs charging. If this happens, kindly charge the collar for approximately 4 hours. You will see all three red lights flashing one by one and that indicates the device is charging properly.

Do I need to shave off a part of my dogs fur to have this work correctly? Another brand needs to have skin contact,otherwise won't work, Prefer not to

Hi, the collar works best to dogs with short fur. However you can adjust the sensitivity level up to level 7 and make the collar more sensitive so you won’t necessarily have to shave a part of your dog’s fur.. The collar is activated by air pressure, so in case that your dog’s hair is preventing the collar from going off, a little trim (not completely shaved off) on your dog’s neck where the collar goes might be needed.. Thank you! 🙂

Instruction says to adjust sensitivity before use, will it increase or decrease vibration level?

Hello, The sensitivity setting plays an important role in maintaining the collar’s accuracy. It will tell how easily the collar gets activated. Setting the sensitivity level too high will trigger the device to activate unnecessarily and putting it too low may result with the collar not activating at all. Hence, it is very important to set the correct level of sensitivity before putting the collar in your dog. Changing the sensitivity level will not affect the strength of vibrations. Regardless of what level you’re currently in, the intensity of vibration and shock will still be the same. Hope it helps!

Is the collar made of pure plastic or rubber?

Hi! The collar is made of a durable plastic material that passed several tests for durability and safety. The device itself is plastic including the rounded and safety prongs. The strap is made of nylon fabric. The small charging port covering at the bottom of the collar is made of rubber, it is used to avoid water getting inside the collar.

Is the collar quick release or buckle?

Hi! Yes the collar has quick-release buckle and the strap is adjustable. You can also trim the nylon strap to perfectly fit your dog’s neck. We made a video on how to do this step properly and the link is included in the manual that will be sent to your email address once you made the purchase. Thank you..

How often should I need to charge my collar:

It actually depends on how often the collar gets activated by your dog. Based on personal use, I only have to charge it once a week. My dog likes to bark to visitors coming over, unusual noises and crying babies. If your dog barks more, twice a week charging should be more than enough. Thank you for asking!

Will a dog's snoring cause it to activate?

It has operational lights on it… No lights means the collar is asleep, (zero activity normally when your dog is asleep) flashing green light means the collar is on standby (movement, but little activity and snoring will put the collar on standby mode, but not trigger the collar) and green light means the collar is working (Dog is active and alert)… Hope That Helps

The collar is blinking green, what does this mean? It hasn't seemed to work since it started blinking green.

Hello, if the collar blinks green, it’s on stand by mode. Please put it on your dog and it will activate (steady green light) once the device senses that your dog is active and barks.

Do you put the device on your pets current collar?

No, this is an entire new collar. You also cannot put a leash on this collar as the device have to stay in the middle of your dog’s neck properly for it to work. We also suggest to use a harness if you’ll be using a leash instead of adding another collar on your dog’s neck. I hope it helps

Is there a way to increase the setting on the moonstone if it seems too weak?

No I am Afraid Not, The next setting up is the Topaz Collar, and the one up from that is the Sapphire Collar… They are all essentially the same collar just the different strengths… Moonstone 40% Weaker than Sapphire and 20% weaker than Topaz. The Adjustment on the collar is to do with sensitivity as with 90% of bark Collars available… You can adjust how easily the collar gets triggered but you cannot adjust the level of correction… We have been working on that for nearly two years to make it adjustable is easy enough, but not if we want to put it into a very small collar.. Same old problem, functionality vs size… Thanks!

Will the sonic bother other dogs in the house?

They may hear the sonic but should not be bothered by it. It’s designed mainly for getting the attention of the dog wearing the collar and as a warning sign to get him to stop barking.

I have a 3.5 pound miniature teacup Yorkie, he's very small but his bark isn't and it's non stop. Is this size to big? I don't want to hurt him?

Hello! This collar will fit your dog as this is designed for very small, toy breed dogs. The strap can be adjusted and even trimmed or cut down to fit the size of your dog’s neck. The collar only uses sonic and vibration and won’t cause any pain. It’s designed to only get your dog’s attention and not punish him for barking.. The collar gives warning tones first before even vibrating to make sure that your dog understands it’s purpose. It will help greatly if you’ll be present during the first few days of training so you can observe how he reacts to the product. Hope this helps..

Will it work for growling?

Hi! The collar can only be used to control excessive barking. The device works off air pressure meaning as your dog barks, his throat will push a little amount of air at the back of the device – activating the collar. I suggest you get another one of our products which is the Emerald Collar. It works manually using a remote control and helps greatly in getting your dog’s attention in training him not to growl and can be used as well for other general training.

What is Sonic?

It is an inaudible high-pitched tone that your dog will catch easily as they are more sensitive to high-pitched sounds. The moonstone collar uses sonic and vibration. This will come in handy if you’ll be using the collar at night and do not want to be bothered by the beep of a regular collar..

Does the collar use vibration or shock?

Hello! The Moonstone Collar only uses sonic and vibration for training. This device is designed for small, sensitive dogs. Our K9 do not believe that all dogs should use just static shock for training. There are a lot of dogs who came from abusive environment and it is not right to give them more stress by using a shock collar. Our products are based on dog’s sizes, breeds and behavior. If you need help choosing a collar, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist you!

What is the difference between Moonstone, Topaz and Sapphire? They seem to have the same functionality?

Thank you for asking! The size of the collar is the same.. They however vary in terms of the strength of vibration. Topaz is 20% stronger than moonstone and Sapphire is 40% stronger than moonstone. The moonstone collar is designed for small, timid and sensitive dogs who learns easily.

Why can’t I hear this beep? Is my collar defective???

Hi! The Moonstone Collar uses ultrasonic blast instead of beep. It is an inaudible high-pitched tone that only your dog can hear because they are more sensitive to high-pitched sounds. This function will come in handy if you are to use the collar at night or if you have guests and do not want to be bothered by the beep.