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For Extra Small - Small Sensitive Dogs NOT Suitable for Small Terriers and Bulldogs

★ HUMANLY STOPS UNNECESSARY BARKING - Our K9 anti-bark collar gives you and your neighbors a break from your dog’s excessive barking behavior. This dog training collar comes equipped with beep sound that acts as a warning then administers vibration as correction that will gently correct their bad behavior for barking at everything without causing pain, shock or harm, thus restoring peace and harmony for you and your family


★ 7 SENSITIVITY LEVELS - Our no bark dog collars feature seven sensitivity levels that activate only when your dog starts barking. The intensity level increases until your dog stops barking for 30 seconds. On the first & second bark a warning sound is triggered. On the 3 bark correction is given, on the 7th bark the collar will go into standby mode for 1 minute. After the collar will reactivate itself and continue to monitor your dogs barking habits.


★ 2018 UPGRADED VERSION – Brand New Safety Protocols Built In. – New sensors detect is your has been agitated and is going to hurt itself the collar will turn itself off. Another reason for buying an Our K9 approved Bark Collar is that we replaced the old pointy painful style prongs with a dog-friendly rounded prongs. Also, while other old bark collars use disposable batteries, the Our K9 Bark collar comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.


★ SUITABLE FOR BREEDS LISTED - From Chihuahuas to Bichon Frise, our gentle anti-bark collar fits perfectly for all toy and extra small dog sizes. It’s perfect for dogs ranging from 3 to 30 pounds. However it is not suitable for terriers and bulldogs, please see the list for suitable collars. It makes a great gift for someone who has a small yappy dog. Guaranteed pain free using just sound and gentle vibration.


★ KEEP YOUR DOG QUIET OR YOUR MONEY BACK - All Our K9 products are backed by 100% Lifetime Guarantee. There’s no risk to you. If for any reason our product doesn’t meet your current standards, return it to us. We’ll refund every penny of your purchase (or replace it if there’s a problem). Also you can contact us to help you use this anti-bark collar. We respond to every email within 24hrs. Shop from a reputable brand that’s trusted by thousands of customers!


This was such a great collar. I noticed an instant change in my dogs temperament. And she really only needed the first beep and hasn’t even gotten to the vibration for it to work on her. I have a super stubborn dog and this was a life changer.

This product is wonderful! I don’t even have to put it around our doggie’s neck. If he is anywhere near it and barks, it makes noise, which stops him from barking right away. And the price is right!!! Thank you!

I purchased 1 each for my 2 dogs. Immediate results. Nicely boxed; easy to follow instructions; batteries (& spare ones too) included; watched recommended youtube video. More than happy with purchase.


Have a chihuahua who was never yappy until he has our daughter 18 months ago than he became the most stereotypical chihuahua with non stop barking. He is four years old and this worked within 48 hours on him.

Product was exactly as described and was delivered promptly..It seems overwhelming but it’s good to keep the instructions in front of you to help navigate through set up. It took about an hour to charge completely the first time.

So far so good! We just started using the collar and it has already helped stop the barking. It usually only takes the first beep to deter the barking and he has only gotten to the vibration once. So glad we found something that works!


Definitely worked for my dog! It beeps the first two times she barks, then after that, it will beep and vibrate. I only put it on her at night. I will put it on her for about a week, then leave it off. She has learned to not bark at night.

This product worked amazingly!!! He has been wearing the collar for two weeks and my neighbor told me she hasn’t heard a peep from him. I purchased this product and it’s worked well beyond my expectations.

Amazing! This works so well and I’m so happy that I bought it! Easy to put together after watching the video. Easy to calibrate. I give my dogs a treat every time they sit so I can put on the collar.













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