How Remote Training Collars Work

Remote training collars are electronic devices that help train dogs by administering a correction method to a dog’s neck to give them a signal. OurK9 offers a variety of remote training collars for dogs of different sizes, with several correction methods, and with intensity levels that can be set or controlled.

How Remote Training Collars Work

Before using a training collar, it is first important to know how remote training collars work and how you should properly use them.

  • Read the instructions carefully, before you put on the collar on your dog.
  • Make sure that the system is turned off and set the minimum setting before putting the collar on your dog’s neck. This promotes safety and prevents accidentally shocking the dog.
  • When putting the collar on the dog’s neck, make sure that it is neither too night nor too loose. Make sure that it is tight enough that it will not fall off, but not too tight that it cause discomfort and restricts normal breathing.
  • Let your dog use the collar a week before training, for him to get used to wearing it.
  • Always start at the lowest level of stimulation or correction method.

How Remote Training Collars Work

There are two ways to use the remote training collars: to reinforce desirable behaviors and to correct inappropriate behaviors. In both usages, basic knowledge about learning theories, timing, careful observation of the dog’s behaviors, reactions, and body language, are all important in the success and effectivity of remote training collars.

  • To reinforce desirable behaviors. The remote training collar is a great tool for reinforcing learned commands such as “sit” and “stay.” It is important that the dog really already understands and follows the commands. If you are using the remote training collar for this purpose, begin with commands the dog is most familiar with. Say the command and wait for the dog to respond. If your dog does not seem to be paying attention, press the button to administer the stimulus. Praise your dog as soon as it responds to your command.
  • To correct inappropriate behaviors. The remote training collar can be used for managing aggressive and undesirable behaviors. For example, when your dog chews on slippers every time he sees them, be ready to use the remote training collar whenever there are slippers around and he begins to nibble on the slippers. The training collar is activated to produce and uncomfortable stimulus when the dog engages in an undesirable behavior, to remind him that what he is doing is not okay.

For whichever reason you may be using the remote training collar, it is important that you do not hold down the button for more than 3 seconds, as to ensure further safety and prevent any unintended accidents.

Remote training collars are safe, because they are manufactured not to hurt dog but are intended to make training easier and more effectively, both for the dog and its owner. OurK9 ensures further safety by taking into consideration the dog’s characteristics, in order to make sure that the training collar is most suitable and the best for each dog.

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