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One of the important aspects of raising a pet dog is properly training him. Through training, understanding and better communication is strengthened between you and your dog. Your dog do not always need to be as talented and as skilled like a dog show winner, but he still has to know, at least, the basics such as acting properly around other people and dogs.

Are you feeling frustrated that you do not understand what your dog seem to be telling you? Or are you feeling disappointed because you cannot seem to train your dog well?

To give you a kickstart or a foundation for training your dog, a few dog training books will surely be of great help. Dog training books written by experts and professionals in the field of dog training are instruments to having a successful training. These books can bring you one step closer to becoming a dog whisperer. Having dog training books on hand is very convenient and helpful, especially for those who cannot hire professional dog trainers due to budget or schedule concerns.

There are several kinds of training books in the market, and it can be really overwhelming to choose which ones to read. Here is a run-down of 4 common kinds of dog training books that will help you successfully train your dog:

1. Understanding your dog better

The first step to successful dog training is getting to know your pet dog. It is important to be aware of his body language, of his behavior, of his thinking, of his preferences, of his temperament, and a whole lot more about his personality, before training him. It is through understanding your dog better, that you also develop more patience in training. If you are especially curious about what your dog is thinking and why,  these kinds of books are an illuminating  and insightful read.

Suggested books:

2. Training Puppies

Training puppies are different from training adult dogs, such that puppies tend to learn new behaviors faster than older dogs. There are also several special considerations that must be taken into account when training puppies, such as their shorter attention span and their need for frequently drinking milk. If you worry about not being able to carry out the proper and correct training for little dogs, books about training puppies give tips and techniques on how to conduct training for puppies.

Suggested books:

3. (Adult) Dog Training Tips

Get to know the basics of dog training. Teach your dog simple commands and some tricks. Books that tackle tips and techniques on how to effectively and successfully train dogs will surely be your best friend in training your pet dog.

Suggested books:

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