Dog Socialization

Most, if not all, dog owners want a friendly and sociable dog. Some might think that choosing the right breed is the only thing that matters, but in fact, the dog’s environment and how it is brought up plays an important role in becoming a friendly and sociable dog.

dog socialization

Proper dog socialization is behaving appropriately and calmly when around other dogs and people. It also involves patiently waiting for a treat and gently responding when its attention is being called. Dog socialization is also more than just behaving properly and not aggressively attacking or barking at other dog, because it also means interacting and playing with other dogs and even people.

Dog socialization is important for the well-being of yourself and your dog. Having a friendly and sociable dog means having less worry that your dog might make a scene excessively barking and attacking other dogs and people. Dog socialization is also good in instilling good behaviors.

Teaching dogs some proper socialization skills greatly differ when they are still little puppies and when they are already mature adults. Teaching young puppies are fairly easier and faster compared to mature adults. Like human beings their brains are still vey receptive, like sponges that absorb information easily. It pays to start early when it comes to training your dog to properly socialize with people and other dogs. It is indeed easier and faster to teach little puppies, but it is also possible and achievable to teach mature adult dogs.

  1. Familiarize the dog to people.

Introduce your dog to various people. Expose your dog to people of different races and introduce also persons with disabilities in wheelchairs of in walkers. Let your dog interact with children and adults alike, and also introduce him to people with various jobs, such as the garbage collectors and the firemen. Familiarizing your dog to a wide variety of people will, in a way, lessen its startle reaction when meeting them and instead be easily at ease and friendly with them.

  1. Introduce the dog to other dogs and animals.

Similar to meeting various kinds of people, also introduce your dog to other dogs and other animals. Give your dog opportunities to interact and even play with other dogs and other animals.

  1. Let your dog have plenty fun and happy experiences with people and with other dogs.

Familiarization and introduction are not enough in socialization. Socialization also entails spending actual quality time with other dogs and people. In this way, positive interaction experiences will lead to having better socialization skills.

  1. Go out of the house.

Walk your dog regularly so it can be exposed to an external environment with people and other dogs. Take your dog to the mall or go ride a train with your dog. Taking your dog out of your house means more opportunities for socialization with many other people and dogs.

As responsible dog owners, it is important to teach dogs to be friendly and sociable creatures. In that way, you, your dog, and other people and dogs, are all happy and will feel secure. There is less worry that the sociable and friendly dog will bring about impending harm or danger to its environment. Keep in mind that exposure to other people and other dogs is not enough. Spending quality time with other people and other dogs help in building a strong foundation for socialization in dogs.

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