Different Types of Dog Beds: Part 2

Just like the dogs’ variety sizes and breeds, there are also different types of dog beds to choose from.

Here is part 2 of our run-down of different types of dog beds you can choose from:

  1. Furniture-style or Raised Dog Beds: These beds are designed to look like sofas raised off the floor, just like our own sofas. The frames may be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, wicker, or plastic. The furniture-style or raised dog beds keeps your dog a bit of distant with the cold, dirty floor, and insects have a bit farther to go before they infest the dog bed. A lot of dog owners like this type of bed because they add a distinct touch of style, and they can match the furniture-style or raised dog bed to their own sofas at home. This type of bed, however, may not be suitable for senior dogs and those dogs with orthopedic problems, because jumping to and fro the bed lead to discomfort, pain, and harm.
  2. Covered Dog Beds: Designed to look like a little dog home, the covered dog beds provide dogs warmth, comfort, sense of safety and security, and privacy for his needed “me-time.” Covered dog beds are like smaller versions of a dog house, and provide a small plush treat for pet dogs. This type of dog bed is a cute and unique way to give your dog a comfortable space and place of his own. These beds are great for dogs who like to snuggle and keep warm, and also those that are timid and like to hide.
  3. Cooling or Heating Dog Beds: During summer and winter, the floor’s temperature may be a little hotter and colder, respectively, than usual. This may not only be uncomfortable for your dog, but can also cause some health complications. Cooling or heating beds are perfect for these seasons, but are also great any time of the year. Cooling dog beds help your dog stay cool when temperatures skyrocket, while heating beds provide gentle extra warmth to keep your dog cozy. Some dog beds contain special cooling or thermo feature that do not need cords, and there are also some that need electricity.
  4. Outdoor Dog Beds: A dog bed that is flexible, is what describes this type of dog bed. Outdoor dog beds are great for indoors, but are also perfect for patios, decks, camping, travel, and a lot more scenarios outdoors! This type of bed gives your dog a comfortable and cozy spot to call his own, when she needs to take a break, rest, relax, or nap outdoors. Outdoor beds are designed to be sturdy and durable to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  5. Bolster Dog Beds: Bolster dog beds – similar to nest dog beds, but only a little bit bigger – have edges that serve as a resting spot, like a soft pillow, for a dog’s head. This type of bead is perfect for dogs who like sleeping with their head cradled on a pillow.

In choosing the best dog beds for your pet, always keep in mind that it should match his personality, temperament, physical needs, size, age, lifestyle, and preference.

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