Not One Dog Training Collar but Two for Small Dogs, 800 Yard Range

Gone are the days when dog training methods required physically motivated stimuli. Training small sensitive dogs is tough. They are fast and often find their way with things. We don’t want you to chase them the whole day so that you can train them.
Enter: The 800-yard remote dog training collar, specially designed for small dogs. This collar allows you the flexibility of training your dog on the go.
With a built-in chargeable battery inside, the device offers multiple ways to recharge—ranging from a laptop to charging it in your car.
And wait till you look at the handset transmitter which offers terrific functionalities. And the best part is that you can turn it to 1 or 2 Dog mode according to the number of dogs you have!
Works best for small Non-Bulldog, terrier type dogs. The collar uses sound, vibration, and ultrasonic waves to send external stimuli to your dog.
Go tech savvy and order a training collar for your dog. Order a pair if you have two dogs that are to be trained.

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