Dry Food & Treats

A feed kibble Snuffle mat that helps you keep your dog’s diet in check

Feeding your dog from a bowl is outdated and incredibly boring for your dog. The new era welcomes slow feeding methods—as more regular feeding means a healthier life.
Dogs aren’t known for their patience, and it takes a puppy 30 seconds to devour whatever’s in the feeding bowl. Isn’t it a little too quick?
We have a solution; the Slow Feed Kibble Snuffle Mat promotes your dog’s natural foraging and scavenging instinct and offers more enrichment.
The product helps avoid gulping, choking, and inhaling food, hence minimizing tummy aches, diarrhea, and vomiting.
The snuffle-licious mat is easy to clean and work with. Just sprinkle the food over the mat sweep your hand back and forth a few times and the kibble will hide itself into the mat making it fun time for your dog to go and find it…
Order one now and make eating fun for your dog—by offering them a mental stimulus that will change their eating habits forever.

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