This Crazy Electrostatic Dog Hair Broom Makes Cleaning a Breeze

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A dog hair broom that creates a static charge to attract hair and particles.

The best thing about having a dog by your side is the company, loyalty, and the playfulness. But just like another relationship, it’s not always butterflies. Be it kids or pets; you have to take the responsibility of cleaning up after them. At times they unintentionally make you work for it.
To help you with the trouble of cleaning the hair left behind by your dog, Our k9 presents a savvy yet straightforward solution. By integrating the law of attraction through static charge, our designers have been able to craft a broom that will help you sweep the floor to collect their dog hair in no time.
Made from the special rubber TPR, this broom can work for any surface. Its head can be detached and cleaned in the sink as required.
Since it’s made from rubber, you don’t have to worry about it wearing away with time – this broom is here to stay. Get yours now simply by clicking the add to cart button…

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