Our K9 Red Shock Collar for Small Dogs
Biscuit the Jack Russell Wearing the Red Our K9 Shock Collar for Small Dogs
Dog Playing in The Water While Wearing its Our K9 Water Resistant "Red" Dog Shock Collar.
Woman Sleeping Soundly Because Her Dog is Wearing  a Our K9 Red Dog Bark Collar.
Use a Laptop to Charge Your Our K9  Red Bark Collar or an Adapter
Cee Cee Wearing the Red Bark Collar From Our K9... This is an Adjustable Shock Collar with 7 Levels of Adjustment.
Other Dogs Setting Off Your Dogs Bark Collar? This Will Not Happen With The Our K9 Red Shock Collar, Only the Dog Wearing the Collar Can Trigger The Collar


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Small Dog to Large Dog
8lbs - 150lb  -   3.5kg - 65kg
Audible Beep & Silent Ultrasonic
7 Levels Adjustable Static Shock
Unit Weight: 34 grams or 1.2 oz
Size 2.1” x 1.2” x 1.1” -  5.3cm x 3cm x 2.6cm
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
2 Year Replacement Warranty