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Please Note These Are Battery Bark Collars and Not Rechargeable Bark Collars 
There are two different Battery Bark Collars to choose from, Beep and Vibration or Beep and Shock.
Battery Bark Collar Beep & Vibration   Battery Bark Collar  Beep and Shock

Is a Battery Bark Collar the Right Choice for You? 

Is your dog's barking getting out of control? Bark collars can stop barking pets quickly, and humanely. When utilized appropriately, the electronic bark collar can stop your canine's barking entirely within a matter of few hours.
The majority of electronic bark control collars utilize noise as the fundamental stimulus due to the fact that it is well developed that animals find out more rapidly and retain a much better memory when the preferred habits is connected with a sound.
The advanced designs gradually increase the sonic stimulus as barking continues. Some models use slowly increasing electric shock stimulus in addition to the noise to stop even the most stubborn barkers in a gentle manner. The more advanced electronic bark collars notice the vibrations in a pet dog's throat that happen only during barking. By doing so, they prevent incorrect corrections from other loud sounds and from other pets barking.
The drawback with some "bark collars" is that they may detect barking with a microphone and activate on sound; these can be set off by other sounds or by another dog's bark. Some Barking Dog Collars use only vibration; these can be triggered by movement or jostling.
Stay away from the following kinds of bark collars:1) Bark Dog Collars the task a spray mist which puzzles the pet and stuns olfactory senses, causing them to stop barking. These mists might cause allergic reactions and hypersensitivity in your pet.
Independent gadgets that have a built-in microphone tuned to the noise of your dog's bark. They give off a loud correction to shock the canine so he stops barking. They instantly stop and reset themselves after each auditory correction. The pet dog feels no correction with this kind of bark stopper and can simply move away to another location further from the receiver and totally avoid the noise entirely.
Try to find a barking dog collar with the following features:
1) One that concurrently senses both sound and vibration, and just utilizes a mix of noise and vibration to trigger the electronic correction. By having both of these functions, the electronic battery bark collar will be activated just by the pet wearing the collar, so there won't be any "incorrect corrections" triggered by loud noises or other canines barking.
2) One that automatically changes the level of fixed correction to your pet dog's temperament with various levels of self-adjustable corrections in reaction to the barking intensity of your canine. The more strength settings will assist to accommodate the most delicate too the most stubborn pet dogs.
3) One that supplies a warning beep with the first bark.
4) which includes a low battery warning.
5) One that includes a quick fix buckle that supplies a fast release.
6) One that is durable, lightweight, water resistant, and adjustable.
7) One that features a complete operating guide and a videotape demonstration.
Used Properly, an electronic bark collar can be a gentle option for correcting excessive barking. Bark collars can stop barking pet dogs quickly, easily, and humanely. When used effectively, the electronic bark collar can stop your pet's barking totally within a matter of a couple of days.