Cinnamon Bark Collar Q&A

Do you keep on your dogs 24/7, Even if i'm not at home.

Hi, You Must Remove the Collar daily, clean and gently massage your dogs neck . Because the collar is quite tight you must remove it daily to avoid any likelihood of your dog developing any pressure sores.

Is this collar waterproof?

The device is water resistant. It’s okay to use it under the rain or during showers but not in the pool. Please be careful before submerging the device in the water, kindly make sure that the USB charging port is sealed of properly to avoid the water getting inside the collar.

Is the collar quick release or buckle?

Our K9 training collars are quick-release buckle. It takes just one second to pop it open or shut. This makes getting your dog ready for a walk extremely easy, especially if you have a squirmy dog who doesn’t like to hold still! If you have further questions or concerns please send us an email.

Can two dogs be corrected simultaneously?

Hello! you can add a second collar in this package and both collars will be controlled using the same remote.

What size batteries does this take? What is the battery life?

This collar is rechargeable and do not need replacement batteries. The handheld transmitter is also rechargeable. The battery life depends on how often the collar gets activated by you (manually) or your dog (automatically). We tested this collar to a frequent barker and we need to only charge twice a week. If your dog barks less, you may only have to charge it once every 7 days.