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May 19, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

May it be a Chihuahua, a Yorkshire terrier, or a Shih Tzu, it is undeniable how lovable and irresistible small dogs are. Both adults and kids can play and cuddle with them, and even strangers are quick to gush over their charm. It is, however, unfortunate, that it has been a common notion that although small dogs are indeed adorable, they remain to be mere “adornments” that could not be trained well.

The truth is, small dogs are as capable of training, and of learning tricks and obedience behaviors, just like big dogs. With consistent and effective training, small dogs can also be taught to follow command and to behave appropriately. Just like training big dogs, small dogs should also be trained consistently, as they pay more attention to patterns. Trainers should set clear rules and strictly follow them. It should be kept in mind that inconsistent training can sometimes lead to dogs having confusion and undesirable behavior. Thus, just like of big dogs, consistency plays a big part in the successful training of small dogs. Regularly reward only behaviors that are desirable, and ignore those that should be extinguished.

Many dog owners, however, worry about not being able to spend as much time with and train their small dogs. For instance, a common concern for dog owners is teaching their small dogs to control their barking. Some dog owners who are busy with work and other errands, but at the same time do not want to compromise consistency in the training of their dogs, turn to technology, such as bark control collar, for help. In training their small dogs to bark less, especially when unnecessary at night, some dog owners use bark collar for dogs. There are available, safe, pet-friendly and effectiveSmall Dog Bark Collar​ available online. In purchasing this technology to aide your training, it is important to make sure that the small dog collar choose is appropriate and suitable for the size of your small dog and its temperament. According to bark collar reviews, bark collars for dogs have helped a lot of busy dog owners to have a sound good night sleep.

Aside from consistency, small dogs, in a way, should be trained slightly different. Because they are tiny, trainers should start with standing small to be somehow the same level as the dog. Immediately looming and towering over small dogs might intimidate and overwhelm them. It is also vital to use tiny toys, tiny training tools, and tiny treats for your small dog. Harnesses, instead of heavy chain leashes and collars, are recommended to avoid injuries on the small dog’s fragile necks.

Most importantly, keep in mind that your small dog is still a dog, just like the others of different sizes. Small dogs are not just mere “adornments” that should all the time stay on your lap or just at home. Let them have more time on the ground, so they can enjoy and learn confidently jumping and climbing. They also need to socialize and play with other dogs. Take your small dogs to the park and enjoy.

May it be a Chihuahua, a Yorkshire terrier, or a Shih Tzu, adorable small dogs, just like big dogs, are capable of training, and of learning good behaviors and tricks.