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The use of training collars has been a topic of debate among the community of dog owners and trainers. Are training collars safe for dogs to use? Is it effective?

Remote training collars are electronic devices that applies a correction method to a dog’s neck to give them a signal. OurK9 offers a variety of training collars, for dogs of different sizes, with several correction methods - vibration, shock, and ultrasonic - and with intensity levels that can be set or controlled.

Before purchasing a training collar for your dog, it is first important to understand the arguments both in favor and not in favor, of using training collars.

Not in favor

Those who are not in favor of using training collars believe that there is a big chance of misuse and abuse of training collars. They think that there will be theoretical welfare risks when the training collars are not used properly. For instance, incorrect timing of pressing the button to administer the correction method, which leads to failure to associate the uncomfortable feeling from the stimulus, with its improper behavior. They also stated that the training collars induce distress. They believe that there are better, safer ways to train dogs, such as using positive reinforcement of behavior.

In favor

Those in favor of using training collars for dogs firmly believe that the does not hurt the dog. They understand that the correction methods, may it be vibration, ultrasonic, or shock, are safe and mild enough to just get the attention of the dog. There has also been a scientific research about shock collars and the results showed that 91.8% of dog owners who used training collars reported behavioral improvements in their dogs. In addition, 76% to 100% of dog owners said that they are comfortable continuing to using the training collars.

After hearing both sides of the debate, it is time to decide if using a training collar is right for your dog. If you do decide to use a training collar for your dog, it is recommended that you consult an expert first. Make sure that you are using the best and most appropriate training collar for your dog.OurK9 makes sure that all remote training collars are safe and the most suitable for each dog, by taking into account the dog’s size, temperament, and barking problem. Also, it is important that you be a responsible dog owner or trainer, and make sure that you are using the collar properly and without abuse, and that most especially, you are not using it as a punishment but a tool to reinforce good behaviors.