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May 19, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

I got the second dog collar in addition to the ivory training collar because I have two dogs. We have a Sharpei and boxer mix and a Yorky. The larger dog is almost 3 years old and she is not trained. I moved in with my girlfriend and her two dogs only later to find out that they were not trained at all. I hate watching her dogs for her when she’s not home because when I try to take the big one out she will never come back in after using the bathroom. I’m excited to start training the dogs with my girlfriend as she has promised to do the work so we can get these dogs better trained.

The black color is so cool it looks like a bowtie I love that we can start off using a vibration instead of the shock. My girlfriend is apprehensive to use the shock as she does not want to hurt the dogs we have not yet use that option. The colors are a bit big but you can trim them and use a lighter to burn the end so it does not unravel. I wish that the colors came with a manual. It would also be nice if they sent a e-book along with your purchase to help you better get acquainted with the new collars.