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May 19, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Dog socialization means the dog behaving appropriately and calmly when around other dogs and people, and involves patiently waiting for a treat and gently responding when its attention is being called. Importantly, dog socialization is more than just behaving properly and not aggressively attacking or barking (OurK9 bark collars help curb excessive barking) at other dog. It also means having quality interactions and playing with other dogs and even people. Dog socialization also involves being exposed to not just other dogs and people, but also to different surroundings, situations, and environment. In addition, Charlesworth noted that it is crucial to“habituate them to everyday situations.”

Most, if not all, dog owners want a friendly and sociable dog. There is less worry that the sociable and friendly dog will bring impending harm or danger to its environment. Thus, dog socialization is important and beneficial not just to the dog and its owner, but to its surrounding environment and community as well.

  • Learn lessons. Experience is the best teacher, they say. Indeed! Dog socialization can be an avenue for dogs to learn. Being exposed to various scenarios, and interacting with other dogs and a lot of people, can teach many valuable lessons.
  • Desensitized and conditioned. Exposing the dog to different environments engages and stimulates their senses. Bringing your dog to place with different sights, smells, and sounds may help desensitize and condition the dog to a variety of environments, that make the dog somehow develop a sense of comfort and ease with novel and different situations.
  • Better coping. Dog socialization is also an avenue for the dog to gain a lot of experiences in different places, and with different companions (other animals, dogs and people). This in turn, will help the dog handle new experiences better and with a calmer and more appropriate behavior. Unsocialized dogs are more prone to develop fear and anxiety in fairly new situations and environment.
  • More confidence. The more exposure and first-hand experience, the more confidence is built.  Dog socialization enables the dog to gain confidence, by being in different situations and by interacting with various people and dogs.
  • Affects personality or temperament. Dog socialization is important because it greatly affects the personality or temperament of the dog. Dogs that has sufficient and positive socialization are likely to become even-tempered, sociable and friendly dog that have less probability to show aggression and extreme fear and anxiety.
  • Safety and security. As responsible dog owners, it is important to socialize their dogs in teaching them to be friendly and sociable creatures. In that way, you, your dog, and other people and dogs, are all happy and will feel secure. There is less worry that the dog will bring harm or danger to its environment.

Dog socialization is important and beneficial for these, and many more, reasons. Dog socialization is good for the well-being, health, and safety of the dog, its owner, and the surrounding environment.