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May 19, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Look no further! There is no need to look around the online world or the entire mall to look for the best gift you can give to both yourself and your dog. Worry not; we got you covered!

Good news! OurK9 is feeling extra generous this Holiday season, so watch out for all of our amazing bark collars on  SALE,50% to 75% off!

Your mind will be at peace, because OurK9 makes sure that each bark collar is safe and pet-friendly. In order to ensure that the dogs use the safest, most effective, and best bark collar, we help responsible dog owners choose the most appropriate one for their dog best friend. We take into consideration certain characteristics such as the size of the dog, its fur length,  its learning styles, and its temperament.

[1)Mint Collar for Mild Mannered Extra Small Dogs, 2)Emerald Collar for Naughty-ish Extra Small Dogs, 3)Teal Collar for Season Barker Extra Small Dogs]

Is the dog a small breed or a large dog breed? Does the dog have a short fur or a long one?  Is the dog quick to learn or slow to learn? Does the dog have a mild, easy-going temperament or a stubborn, naughty temperament?

[1)Yellow Collar for Mild Mannered Small Dogs, 2)Cinnamon Collar for Naughty-ish Small Dogs, 3)Red Collar for Seasoned Barker Small Dogs]

OurK9 provides a variety of best bark collar most suitable for your dogs. We have different types of bark collars for several breeds and sizes of dogs.

[1)Royal Collar for Mild Mannered Medium Dogs, 2)Spice Collar for Naughty-ish Medium Dogs, 3)Garnet Collar for Seasoned Barker Medium Dogs]

OurK9 also offer choices not just in the color of the collar, but also in the type of correction method and the strength of the signal. There are beep and mild vibration, beep and static shock, and sonic and vibration, all of which with varying strengths to choose from.

[1)Charcoal Collar for Mild Mannered Large Dogs, 2)Purple Collar for Naughty-ish Large Dogs, 3)Black Collar for Seasoned Barker Large Dogs]

There are also adjustable bark collars where a combination of correction method can be used.

[1)Ivory Remote Training Collar for Extra Large Dogs, 2)Charcoal Remote Training Collar for Extra Large Dogs]

What are you waiting for? Have a happier Holiday season with your dog by getting a guaranteed safe and effective dog bark collar now!