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May 19, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Does your dog seem to be acting deaf even when it is trained to some certain behaviors? Does your dog seem to disobey you and your every command?

Having a “disobedient” dog can be very stressful. However, understanding what it really is and why it happens, can actually minimize the excess baggage on your shoulder, by helping you find the appropriate ways to prevent and deal with disobedient behaviors.

Dog disobedience is generally when a dog that was trained and knows the command, chooses not to follow it. When you tell that dog to be “Quiet!” when it inappropriately barks (OurK9 bark collars help curb excessive barking), he continues its loud barking, even when he was already trained about it.

Seeing and experiencing this dog disobedience can be very disappointing, and thus, it is only reasonable to be curious and to ask why does the dog disobey. Many of those who have disobedient dogs may feel that their dog is deliberately defying and disobeying them. This, in some way, is not entirely true, because there are other several possible explanations to dog disobedience:

  • The dog may have forgotten the training. Maybe it has been a while since the last time the dog was actually able to practice its training. This does not mean that the dog is plain ignorant and idiotic. Forgetting just means that the training behaviors and tricks was not practiced and used frequently enough for those to become “programmed” or conditioned responses. Consistency both in training and in the practice of the trained behaviors are extremely important.
  • The dog may have been insufficiently trained. It may be another possibility that the training undergone by the dog was incomplete and insufficient for it to really learn and absorb the behaviors and tricks taught. This may be a hard truth for some trainers and dog owners, but in fact, it is a common case that most people believe that they have sufficiently trained their dogs, when they have barely even gone half way through successfully teaching the behaviors and tricks.
  • The dog may be over-excited.Conducting training when the dog is over-excited may lead to not legitimately absorbing the behaviors and tricks being taught. Being too over-excited can make dogs unable to fully and consciously respond to the environment.
  • The dog may be overly dominant. Some call this problem as the “Alpha Dog Syndrome,” wherein the dog is dominant and firmly believes that it is the only leader, and thus would not take and follow any commands from any other master.

It pays to know the root of your dog’s disobedience problem. From knowing why your dog has been disobeying you and your commands, it will then be easier to strategize how you are going to effectively deal with the problem.