Corrects without harming your dog.

l have always been against the shock collars that were on the market. So many horror stories and scarred doggies. I don’t think torture is how to get a dog to behave. Our K9 has a line of Bark Collar’s that are humane. Regardless of what the description says I would never try this on any dog without trying it on myself first. I put in the battery, installed the short prongs, and pressed it against my hand. So I start barking and nothing happens (my dogs think I’m crazy at this point), what I had to do to get it to work was hold it near my mouth so that it could pick up the vibrations when I made loud noises. This is really good because it showed me that when one of my doggies bark, they both won’t get corrected, only the one who barked.

With the first bark you hear a warning beep, second bark a slightly longer warning beep, with the third bard a slightly longer beep followed by a light vibration. It the dog would continue to bark the vibrations get stronger and stronger.

I only put these on my dogs after company comes in to the house. I don’t want them to stop barking when someone is outside, so this is the only time I have them wear them. When we have company our dogs bark out of excitement and it makes it hard to hold a conversation. Putting them in another room doesn’t stop the barking, rather makes it much worse.

Our dogs figured out very quickly that if they kept barking they would feel the vibration, which scares them, but doesn’t hurt them. After repeated use, they know when they have the collars on not to bark. It is rare that they get past the first beep.

The only issue I have is when we have company and then someone else comes over, the dogs can’t bark to alert us. They still run to the door, but get very frustrated. I wish this had a remote to turn it on and off, for this reason. Other than that they work like a charm.

Our K9 stands behind their product with a 100% guarantee, which is something that I always look for when making purchases online. They will even give you a refund if there is nothing wrong with the way it works, if you don’t like it, for whatever reason they still refund you.

I was given a discount for this product under the condition that I give my honest review. My review is unbiased, as I list the pros and any cons. I like to review all products that I purchase and only desire to give helpful information to others, as I rely on others reviews before making my purchases. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope my review was helpful.