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Characteristics of Dogs with Tough Temperaments

Admit it. Dogs are generally adorable! However, because of their different temperaments, there are dogs that have mild, easy-going temperaments and those that have stubborn, naughty temperaments.

A dog’s temperament is inborn and encompasses attributes which control its responses to encountered stimuli and the environment. It also refers to a dog’s characteristic level of excitability and emotional intensity. In general, temperament determines how a dog will respond to a variety of stimuli in its surroundings.

As previously mentioned, there are dogs that have a stubborn, naughty temperament. They tend to be overly aggressive and dominant. They may be poor in socialization, having only a few dog friends, and may bark excessively.

Overly AggressiveMost, if not all, dogs have tendencies to be aggressive, especially when they are provoked by something from the environment. However some dogs tend to react with more aggression that situations suggest. They get extremely aggressive to the point that some use their teeth in attacking. The scenario is usually preceded by signs, such as stiffening of the body and growling, and is often accompanied by violent snarling and lunging. This overly aggressive behavior is cause for a concern, and should neither be excused nor ignored. This behavior should be properly dealt with before it becomes an injury hazard and endanger safety of the owner and other dogs and people.

DominantThere are some dogs who always want to be in front of the line. These dogs are dominant and strives to be the leader of a pack. They tend to be very pushy, overprotective, smart, confident, and independent. Dominant dogs are not a problem in this case. It becomes a problem when they start to refuse to be ruled by anyone - by other dogs or even by the owner - and when they try to control meek humans with a sharp look or a growl.  In extreme situations, dominant dogs can be very assertive and violent, to both humans and dogs, in trying to lay down its authority and leadership.

Poor SocializationDogs that have tough temperaments are often poor in socialization, either because they are too violent they already hurt other dogs and humans, or because they are too independent and do not want to be overthrown as the leader of the pack. When given the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs, they have tendencies to engage in and even initiate fights with other dogs.

Excessive BarkingBarking is a natural phenomenon for dogs, for it is their means of communication. Barking becomes a problem when it becomes excessive. Some dogs who have a tough temperament may engage in nuisance and inappropriate barking, to the point that it becomes annoying and a concern that affects other people.

Having an aggressive dog may make life seem a little bit challenging. It may become exhausting when there is a need to constantly be watchful of the dog, always alert and aware of its every move to avoid hazards and problems. However, having a dog with a tough temperament is not the end diagnosis. Dog temperaments are innate but they can still be modified - worsened or improved - through training and the environment of the dogs. There are several ways to prevent and deal with behavioral problems dogs with tough temperaments might have. One of which is using a no bark dog collar in training your tough dog who bark excessively and inappropriately. OurK9 offers a no bark dog collar especially designed for dogs of different sizes who have naughty, stubborn temperament.


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