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May 23, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

If anyone would ask me to describe Cee Cee, I would go ahead to say how amazing I feel every time we interact or have bonding time. The words used to describe Cee Cee would be adorable, gentle, naughty, quick learner and loving. I vividly remember this awesome day I had an experience with Cee Cee that was quite memorable.

The story

So there I was, had just arrived from running an errand across the block only to find the place really quiet and peaceful. That itself was surreal because with Cee Cee around, I know that situation would impossible. Immediately I get worried thinking maybe somebody might have carried the adorable little puppy away. To my relief, I spot Cee Cee at the back yard struggling with a piece of fabric that at first I could not figure out what it was exactly. Now that I had spotted Cee Cee, you would think everything was now ok.

But nooo! My worry quickly shifted from Cee Cee disappearing to what was being munched on. Moving closer, to my astonishment, Cee Cee was struggling with the Chenille Dog Cleaning Gloves I had recently gotten for her. Running around with them, tearing them thread by thread, and trying to figure out what the gloves were possibly made of. Since those were the only pair of Chenille Dog Cleaning Glovesavailable for Cee Cee, I immediately snatched them away. Poor Cee Cee recoiled and looked so sad. At that point I thought to myself, if only Cee Cee knew how important those gloves were to her, he wouldn’t even try spoil them.

Talking about the importance of Chenille Dog Cleaning Gloves, I carefully put them at a very far place where I was more than sure that Cee Cee would never reach them, unless otherwise. It is important to note that I didn’t make that move to punish Cee Cee. I only put the Chenille Dog Cleaning Glovesbecause I remembered how important they were to me. For instance, when its bath time for Cee Cee, those Chenille Dog Cleaning Gloves help dry Cee Cee faster, by soaking in a lot of water. This is very important because when Cee Cee dries up faster, she doesn’t feel cold as much as when the Chenille Dog Cleaning Gloves were not available. That ordeal also made me realize that I needed to get another pair of Chenille Dog Cleaning Gloves, you know, just to be safe.

This day made me realize how important Cee Cee was, and most importantly how valuable the Chenille Dog Cleaning Gloves. I sure did enjoy my experience with Cee Cee